???? best method for duplicating foot print casting.

Discussion in 'Metal casting projects' started by master53yoda, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. master53yoda

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    I have a customer that has a pair of BIGFOOT castings and he wants me to make him 5 sets for his family. there are a couple of Bigfoot castings that aren't easily explained away and this set is known as the cripple foot castings.

    the problem is that castings have a a fair amount of reverse draft. below are the pictures that I have taken of them I'm thinking about using the reverse draft line as a parting line. I have only done sand casting to this point and I'm wondering if i need to go to a different type of casting.

    Art B 0305181212[1].jpg 0305181212e[1].jpg
  2. Jason

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    Yup... looks like a job for lost wax to me. Does your customer have M O N E Y ???? I'm thinking silicone mold, pour some wax feet, adjust underside to a suitable thickness, invest and pour.
    5 sets of them? I would want to do them in bronze naturally.
  3. crazybillybob

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    My thoughts were with Jason on this one. You would lose too much detail if you tried to sand cast as you would have to fill that reverse draft with something. Investment is your best option....but I'm just guessing.
  4. Al2O3

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    The title of the thread doesn't say it must be in metal. Is that the customer's desire? If the idea is to duplicate all details of the original casting, I'd pull silicone molds from them and cast them in urethane resin. With a pliable inner silicone mold and a mother mold you wouldn't have to worry about draft and it would faithfully reproduce all details and be very near the same size as the original whereas there would be considerably more shrink in metal.


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