Need a brass window cast for a wood stove

Discussion in 'Request casting service' started by Nutball, Aug 19, 2022.

  1. Nutball

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    I was hoping to build myself a furnace for casting, but can't afford it right now. I have a small wood stove (US1269) I want to put a small window on the door.

    I have some low density styrofoam blocks I can carve to the shape I need, or if you have a preferred foam or wax or whatever substance, I can carve it if you send me some. If you have the tools to machine finish the surfaces that might need it, great, if not, I can probably finish it or use extra gaskets if needed.

    Right now I'm just trying to find someone who can cast this part, and get a rough idea of cost. Then, I will come up with a specific design. I would rather carve the foam here to fit the door because it is curved. It will be 2 pieces: one that mounts to the door, and one that covers the edges of the glass holding it in place. It might end up just being one piece with tabs that hold the glass in. It will only need to be about 5"x 6"x 1" or so, maybe smaller.

    I will ask that whoever wants to cast this part will have the other experienced members here also vouch for them.

  2. Patrick-C

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    This is something I could do for you. And just for a quick guess for cost, I would say about $140. Let me know if you are interested. Any pictures would be good too.:)

  3. Nutball

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    I wonder what kind of brass is used on wood stoves? I was looking at wikipedia, and it seems to me aluminum brass would be good choice.
  4. Patrick-C

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    I am not sure that it would matter that much as long as it doesn't have lead in it.

  5. Nutball

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    I'm just thinking about corrosion resistance at high temps. You know how metals discolor and oxidize quickly when hot. But I don't know much about different brass alloys, and I don't think it would matter much. I agree with lead free.

    Would you want it carved out of wax or is styrofoam ok?
  6. Patrick-C

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    Styrofoam would be great. And I can use silicon bronze which has a high resistance to corrosion.

  7. mytwhyt

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    With a simple low voltage hot wire and templates, you could shape a Styrofoam door.. Home construction sites are a good place to to check for scrap pieces of Styrofoam.. Some builders even use the blue stuff..
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    A couple thoughts here.
    Make two copies of your pattern in case the first pour doesn't go right. EXP foam.
    And, since you'll need tempered glass, buy your glass first and make your pattern to fit the glass.
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  9. Tops

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    Is this the stove?
  10. Nutball

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    Yes, I already planned extras. What is EXP foam? I was going to use EPS. I don't think the glass is or needs to be tempered, but I already got ceramic stove glass.

    Yes, but not that exact design. They have made so many different versions over the years. Mine has no designs on the door.
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