1 1/4"Gas ejector burner

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    I've been talking about building a Mikey Burner for a little while now. I like the ease with which the mixture can be adjusted and am hoping that will help with some of the entrained hydrogen I've been getting in my melts.

    I'm also getting closer to pouring some LF parts that I actually care about and thought it was past due to get after this...the fact that another fellow mentioned building one as well may have given me a little kick in the backside too. ;)

    Nothin to it but to DO IT!

    The tuyere in my furnace was sized for an old oil burner project, so I'm building this one the same size as my old propane burner 1 1/4". This allows me to switch back and forth between burners at will...choice is good.

    I am and will be deviating slightly from the "plan", so if it doesn't work out...it's all on me and no reflection on a "built to plan" Mikey burner.

    Got a bit of a start on it today, more to follow.


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