20 Common Metals & What They're Made Of:

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  1. _Jason

    _Jason Silver

    I thought this was an interesting infographic:

  2. oldironfarmer

    oldironfarmer Silver Banner Member

    Incredibly interesting. Thanks!

    Didn't know German silver, pewter, brass, and bronze were naturally occurring.
  3. I think he's made a mistake about German Silver, it has nickel not silver in the alloy.
  4. HT1

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    why is there no Tin in the Babbit??? someone needs to run that back through the fact checker

    V/r HT1

    P.S. Jason are you trolling us???:eek:
  5. _Jason

    _Jason Silver

    Not intentionally....I just thought it was a cool chart.

    Mods- please this thread. I don't think I can from my phone.
  6. I think once the version two diagram comes out it'll be quite good. The extra info about how the metals were formed and the abundance in the crust is cool info. The gunmetal alloy is missing lead too, there's probably a hundred variants of it anyway.

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