A thin hotface medium/low mass beer keg (drum size) furnace for melting Iron

Discussion in 'Furnaces and their construction' started by PatJ, Aug 24, 2017.

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    Pat I cannot thank you enough for the help and the Drawings especially. I will be going down the furnace road soon with a build for everyone
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    Hope the drawings help.
    Thank me if it all works well.
    If it does not work well, then I am changing my name and moving out of town.

    I am very pleased with the speed at which it melts iron, and a replacement hot face is only a bag and a half of Mizzou away.
    Hot face and lid replacement is about 2 bags of Mizzou, so less mass and less money too.

    I did cast a tuyere extension to allow the burner tube more length along which to seal, but I do not show that on the drawings.
    The tuyere extension is also 1" thick refractory, and protrudes out perhaps 6" from the furnace (3"-4" would really be sufficient).
    And I would cast the tuyere extension integral with the hot face and bottom, all in one piece.

    I rammed the hot face about 2" at a time, using a 1/2" wood dowel rod to thoroughly ram each level.

    And as I mentioned, if I made another lid, I would omit the lip and see how that worked.

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