Adventures in casting by Al Puddle

Discussion in 'Sand Casting' started by Al Puddle, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    Sweet Muller, hope it gets fixed and returned quickly...
  2. Al Puddle

    Al Puddle Silver Banner Member

    The muller is back but I'm unsure whether it's fixed because I haven't used it much. There's still a small puddle of oil. Residual?
    Yesterday I made some pouring cups. They will all work as pouring cups but is the dark one more ideal for inside a mold, all surrounded by molten aluminum and all?
  3. Jammer

    Jammer Moderator Staff Member Banner Member

    Nice pouring cups, I just use a soup can full of sand and cut a hole in it.
  4. Al Puddle

    Al Puddle Silver Banner Member

    Today, I used one of the pouring cups to make a six inch diameter disk with a recess of one inch deep x 3-1/4" dia. The sprue was 0.4" dia.

    The circumference runout is 0.068 and the face runout is 0.040". The baked, molasses core sat around for a half year and was heated to 250F a couple of weeks ago.
    I vented only the core and not the rest of the mold.
    I'm happy this new year.
  5. Al Puddle

    Al Puddle Silver Banner Member

    With the previous casting, I made the following pattern.
    Drag side...

    Cope side.

    This resulted in...
    The round stock next to the finished casting was yesterday's casting adventure.

    The six inch diameter casting pattern will be used to produce several parts in upcoming projects.
  6. Al Puddle

    Al Puddle Silver Banner Member

    After tiring myself out from patting myself on the back, I realized the basic problem hadn't been solved.
    I need to be able to chuck these castings in the lathe. My pattern diameter is too small.
    IMG_1550.jpg IMG_1552.jpg
    I also need to get rid of the hub. Looks like more work on the lathe:)
  7. Al Puddle

    Al Puddle Silver Banner Member

    I did manage to separate the hub from the ring.
    There was a problem with the lathe. It's fixed. A grub/set screw came loose. Pressing on.

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