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Discussion in 'Furnaces and their construction' started by Tobho Mott, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. Tobho Mott

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    Yeah, we do, I get the reference. And I definitely agree, this Satanite stuff is really easy to work with, and these type of furnace seem to work great. I just broke in the new furnace and my newly tempered #6 clay graphite crucible pouring some aluminum using the hot shot just in preheat mode (5psi propane with a hair dryer for a blower, never hooked up the drip and left the noisy shop vac in the shed). I saw molten metal in the crucible at the 9 minute mark and was opening the furnace to skim and pour by 15. Sometimes I'm able to switch over to diesel or wvo after 10 minutes of preheat when I use the big furnace...

    Here's the goofy spooky test ingot I poured. Should fit back in the crucible nicely if nobody I know around here wants a free paperweight.


    Time will tell how much maintenance the new furnace will need compared to my other one, which needs hardly any.

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  2. oldironfarmer

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    Looking great!

    We're not having a race, but for reference, my brick furnace is ready for a little oil at about 1-1/2 to 2 minutes and full oil no propane 30 seconds later. It's ready to pour at 20 minutes if I keep the burner turned down.
  3. Tobho Mott

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    Final build video, showing the Satanite application and the test run the using the big furnace's Hot Shot burner running 5psi propane (ie. in preheat mode), except with a much smaller blower. All of which has been documented already in recent posts above:

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    Update on the copper casting for the argon condenser discussed above (ie. The reason I tried the Canadian Tire chimney cement before the Satanite arrived): Josh (local blacksmith) told me the scientists were able to successfully machine the casting, and it does work for condensing argon gas into a liquid for their dark matter experiments. Woohoo!

    The reason I was there was to take a one day forging class that he gave me as payment for helping him out with that. So this post isn't really foundry related from here on, except that metal casting led directly to me taking this class.

    Since my admission was free, I paid to sign up my son too, call it a two-fer I guess.

    It was a 6-hour class, "dual throwing axes". Got to use coal and propane forges, practice upsetting and forging a taper and drifting the eye (original hole was drilled, not punched), then drawing out the upset end to form the blade. They're just toys really, made of 3/4" square 1018 - fun to throw and not much good for anything else, but I think a good intro to some basic skills. Was nice to have an actual teacher there to advise us and help us correct our errors instead of trying to figure it all out on our own, or online after the fact.

    Guess I'm gonna have to dig into my piles of junk looking for parts to build my own forges now!


    The freshly rebuilt coal forge Josh had burned out trying to melt the copper on his own wound up being the one I got to use. :D






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  5. Jason

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    This is how the sickness starts! Very nice Jeff. I only use my forge a few times a year, but when I need it, it was worth all the heartache building that thing.
    I stuck mine on wheels so it's easy to scoot around outta the way.
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  6. Tobho Mott

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    It's not really a sickness, I'm just a little bit metally ill! :cool:

    I remember your forge build, with the awesome crayola burner. I don't know if I'll start with anything so fancy, I might just roll some kaowool up inside an old Costco 'balloon time' birthday party sized helium tank (just like your 'tower of power' oil tanks, but pink), paint on some Satanite, and shove my Moya burner in through the side somewhere. Or just turn the Red Dwarf on its side, lol. I have an old round charcoal grill base that I think I could line with refractory for the coal forge side of the equation. I might even have ALL the parts I need lying around to do both...

    Can definitely see the usefulness of having both types available - the pic above when I was upsetting just one end of the work would not have been so easy to do using a propane forge that wants to heat up the whole part, for instance. Whereas when drawing out the blade it was nice to use the propane forge and know I wasn't likely to burn the edge off the thing accidentally...

    Also I think I gave him a metal illness too. He was talking about roping me into making wrought iron with him, using an old technique called puddling. From what I can find online, and to simplify a bit, this involves stirring a big reverb furnace full of molten iron with rods of some kind, to remove the impurities.

    Sounds like fun!

  7. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    I think you two should go for it! Wrought iron is the most misused word out there. Real Wrought is not steel as you know.
    Here is a YT channel, you guys should check out. He did some good videos on wrought iron if you look. I don't think he makes it that's for sure.
    You would be one of the rare ones if you did! I wish I knew more about it. It would be very cool to see it replicated today.
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  8. Tobho Mott

    Tobho Mott Silver Banner Member

    Josh had a few pieces of wrought iron that he showed us when we were there.

    Since I already have a metal illness, obviously I'll be there whenever he's ready to try it! :D

  9. Jason

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    It's really amazing stuff Jeff and works MUCH easier than modern crap. If I didn't screw with bronze, this is where I'd be!

    Did you ever see the devils blacksmith? I'm guessing they didn't raise the funds to finish this. Would have better than
    watching BS forged in fire dumbed down for the masses.

    Check out this series. Lot's of good stuff on that channel.
  10. Tobho Mott

    Tobho Mott Silver Banner Member

    Thank for the video suggestions, I'll check those out tonight when I get home.


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