Anyone Growing indoors??

Discussion in 'General foundry chat' started by DavidF, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    Just set up a new 8x8 grow room and my new light for it showed up today. Just waiting on some tomatoe seeds I ordered and then I'll get to planting...
    Light is a Mars hydro ts 3000.. bright as hell, just need 3 more of them..
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  2. _Jason

    _Jason Silver

    No sir. And I just wrote my pepper plants off for the season. I am done until mid to late March.
  3. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    I just picked the last of mine as well. Cut the plant way back, now im wondering if I should move it inside and see if it keeps going...
  4. _Jason

    _Jason Silver

    Pepper plants supposedly need a rest period from what I read. Me, I'm going to spend $3/plant at Home Depot next spring when they show back up and simply start over again. I'm also planning to grow a tomatillo plant since my bride uses them frequently when she cooks.
  5. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    I'd do the same if they had a selection that was worth a flying (....)
  6. Jason

    Jason Gold Banner Member

    If I was spending money to grow anything inside my house, it sure as hell would not be tomatoes! I need to get P A I D !
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  7. Zapins

    Zapins Silver

    I grow underwater plants inside. And the gf now has her flower plants inside for the winter. What's the temp in the growing area?
  8. _Jason

    _Jason Silver

    You need to move to Oklahoma then. They have your "prescription." ;)
  9. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    The upstairs where I have the grow tent set up is not heated (or cooled) So im monitoring it right now. The new grow light produces alot of heat.... Probably ok during the winter, but not manageable in the summer...
    So far its 62 at night and looks like max of 75 today. Might have to run the lights at night. Going to take a bit to sort out...

    You might be happy with that slab of two cent wet cardboard found on fast food sandwiches, but im sure as hell not.... Besides, I have more planned than just growing a couple of tomato plants indoors this winter.
    The old farmhouse I bought did come with a farm ;);)
  10. OMM

    OMM Silver Banner Member

    Most now in Canada you can have small grow of any plant that is legal. (THC) marijuana is now legal. If you’re distributing, you need a distribution license. If you’re growing for personal reasons and not for sale, that’s different.

    I am personally not into the marijuana. So I do not need off-season Grow. I have a greenhouse complex (about 2 miles away for me) that grow everything I would ever want. They even take orders. I went in there two years ago in January and asked for ghost peppers and scotch bonnet peppers. About two months later they called me back and said the seedlings are ready for pick up. Three dollars each. They made 48 of each. I only took 10 of each. I kept them indoors in a little solarium for a month and then move them out door with a new pot.

    Tomatoes, chives, onions, pumpkin, Romain lettuce and peppers are all my favourite.

    I have found peppers are the most difficult to grow. And you also have to be careful that they’re not too close to other plants.
  11. Jason

    Jason Gold Banner Member

    We have H.E.B grocery stores here. Some of the finest produce I've ever seen. Texans hold a few things sacred here and next to their brisket it's HEB. My mechanics son stayed up over night last week and brought this bad boy in. He wasn't worth a damn on the plane that day, but who cares with brisket and deer sausage like this! I forgot to snap a photo of the smoked duck. It's duck season now.
    20191105_112743.jpg 20191105_113053.jpg
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  12. OMM

    OMM Silver Banner Member

    David with small auto syphon System and a small greenhouse you can have seedling kick off really quick.

    There is one vegetable that is never frozen, never canned, never preserved, never frozen and always served fresh. And It is used at two major meals every day. It is lettuce, I love my Romain lettuce! Six months a year I just walk out my backyard and cut it off.

    I get over 200 tomatoes every year. I freeze what I can’t use fresh. From freeze, most of it goes into chilli, Pizza or pasta.

    I made up a hot sauce recipe two years ago, that I totally sold out. I boiled it with 30% Sherry, 10% vinegar, 20% tomatoes, and 40% peppers and one package of oak flavouring from my local wine store. I added an extra 10% water and boiled it off. I almost had 2 gallons and sold it off for five dollars per small mason jar. I think I canned almost 200 jars. In the end I think I made about $300.

    I do grow indoors every year starting February-March.
  13. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    I've been watching the legalization movement here in Maryland, I figured once it became a legal market there would be an opportunity to profit from it. That was until I read up on the proposed taxation. $50.00 for every ounce of flower, $15.00 for other parts, and $25.00 per seedling. The only people to benefit financially from cultivating canabis will be the government. Oh and the license fees are outrageous too...
    My one hot pepper plant produced over 20 lbs of peppers and sold at $4.00 a lb.
    My biggest problem here is I have heavy clay soil. I've been working on amending it and hoping that next years planting will be better than this years was. I had to grow in containers this year because things went so poorly outdoors.
    Why indoors instead of a greenhouse?? Well it's mostly a compromise with the wife. I have plans on setting up a greenhouse, but wifes job is uncertain atm. So going to try this indoor thing to get some mother plants going and take cuttings from them to produce more plants to sell in the spring.
    Romaine lettuce you say.... yep got that, some butter crisp, carrots, radishes and more tomatoes in my seed starting tent..
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  14. Jason

    Jason Gold Banner Member

    You cant vape on a sidewalk, but no problem getting stoned off your gord.:rolleyes: As with anything, always follow the money.
  15. Petee716

    Petee716 Silver Banner Member

    I had a pretty respectable setup in my attic back in the 80s. No vegetables, strictly weed. Being mostly one species it was pretty easy to manage once it was set up as far as lighting, watering, fertilizer, etc. I used the typical consumer gro lights available at the time, walls painted flat white. My floor area was about 15x20'. It was still a lot of work. If I'd been in a more permenant location, had more money and it wasn't a felony I would have gone bigger with the mother-plant/hydroponic route, but I just grew several crop cycles starting from seed until I moved. My motives were strictly financial as decent weed had gotten very expensive. Not that I was above selling at the time, but it was a personal use thing. Although I spent all of my childhood and most of my adult life on or around the farm I just never had that gardening bug bite me so I've never done it since. And for what it's worth I gave up the weed decades ago as well.
    I do enjoy good food though and the best time of year for it around here is harvest time. I live in a pretty tight knit farming community and almost all of the larger truck farmers belong to a co-op so the local grocery stores are selling out-door grown produce often picked the day before. After that, who knows where and when it came from. But the difference between a hot-house tomatoe and one grown in the field is like night and day.
    It's interesting to see the acres and acres of hemp growing in the fields as I'm driving to work every day. I barely recognized it at first because I've never seen it grown in that kind of environment, especially with that kind of investment of valuable farmland. I guess this new CBD craze (smells like snake oil) is more valuable than cabbage. Oh well, not my dime.

  16. oldironfarmer

    oldironfarmer Silver

    David: This is the time of year to get scrap sheetrock and cover your garden. by spring you can till it in, the gypsum does good with clay soil.
  17. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    Interesting... think I'm just going to truck in a few triaxles of topsoil and composted manure and build raised beds this winter. Not sure just yet...most of my seeds have shown up. Just waiting on the cucumber seeds.. I'm guessing I should start harvesting in January for most of the plantings...
  18. garyhlucas

    garyhlucas Silver

    I worked in the commercial greenhouse industry building watering/spraying robots. One of my machines could water 100,000 sq/ft of greenhouse by automatically switching bays, up to 21 bays per machine. Some of my machines did some interesting crops. Most were bedding plants, tomato seedlings for field transplant, Bean sprouts grown in trays indoors for the Asian restaurant market. Then there was the two acres of heroin poppies grown for a certain government organization. Armed guards, and cameras everywhere in the greenhouses. Total blackout curtains so they could use the lights at night to produce noontime light levels without attracting attention from say the International Space Station. "Hey what is that really bright spot in the middle of the desert down there?"
  19. Tobho Mott

    Tobho Mott Silver Banner Member

    I wasn't going to show this to anyone really, but if I ever did I guess this would be the place for it.

    It's already been harvested and I don't think it was the smoking kind anyway...

  20. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    Id have to assume that that is hemp....but I still suspect he has trouble with people picking it o_Oo_O
  21. Petee716

    Petee716 Silver Banner Member

    There's a bit of a to-do in town. It appears one farmer removed the male hemp plants from the field when they showed (as is necessary to get the seedless females) but his upwind neighbor did not.

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