Are there users here using butane ?

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    Propane is IMHO one of the best fuels for powering a melting furnace, although some prefer waste oil. But lighter refill fuel is mainly butane and in the past here in W-Europe cooking on butane (so- called 'butagas tanks') was common in places devoid of natural or town gas.
    Now it is completely phased out for tanks similar to propane tanks.
    I think it is due to its 'high' boiling point of 0ÂșC under normal atmospheric pressure, which means that under freezing temperatures in winter, the tank sucks in air instead of releasing butane gas when opened, which is a grave danger. Is that true ?

    Does anyone use butane ?
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    For my bunsen burner, it's used for portable gas fires and use in caravans for cooking and heating. It's more expensive than propane over here and I've never seen a large bottle.
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    I'm not aware of refillable butane bottles being used at all in North America, the largest commonly used butane tank here is a 1/2lb (227g) disposable bottles. The large refillable tanks are usually filled with LP gas which is a mixture of gases, mostly propane and butane, the exact proportions vary with location and time of year.
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