Argon Cylinder Cart

Discussion in 'Foundry tools and flasks' started by Al2O3, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Al2O3

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    Been meaning to make a cart for a long time. Finally got around to doing it with a little therapeutic fab session.

    1 Cart With Bottle.JPG

    2 Argon Cart Features.jpg

    Folds up.....

    3 Cart Folded.JPG

    ...and clamps to the edge of my welding table. All that plumbing hanging on there is so I can meter a small flow of Ar to my degassing lance.

    4 Clamped to Table.JPG

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  2. Jason

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    Looks good Kelly. Allow me to show you the professional version to carry the big boys. Yes it folds up. New, I've heard these are about 900buckeroos!:eek: Anything near an airplane is expensive!



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  3. PatJ

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    That is a nice cart.
    I think I would add a guard either side of the valve.

    A guy I know told me a story about an oxygen cylinder falling over and sheering off the valve.
    He said it went up 30 feet to the ceiling, over to the wall, across the floor, back up to the ceiling, etc. for about 30 seconds, taking out anyone/anything in its path.


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