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Discussion in 'Metal casting projects' started by HT1, Feb 19, 2023.

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    detailed video premiering in the morning on How I made Cast Brass Belt buckles

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  2. Thanks for posting the video, I learned a lot of techniques from it.
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    Nice project and great job on the presentation.

    Clarification please. Was your second pour brass or aluminum? It was red hot going into the molds but looked like aluminum at shakeout. Then you mentioned that going over brass while dusting. My guess is that it was brass.

    I’ve worked with Village Impressions a couple of times. Super. Some of the details can get lost because of the depth and sand-capture in the letters when molding, and altering the rubber is definitely out of the question. I have a clear coating that I use in my sign shop that works well for both smoothly building up the low areas just a touch without bubbles and adheres to the rubber just fine. If a guy tried it and didn’t like the result he could simply flex the rubber pattern and the dried coating would peel/roll off. It probably wouldn’t tolerate repeated production sand ramming though. I also use it on CNC cut patterns because it leaves a very nice fillet in sharp inside features.


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    the first two pours where aluminum . the first I put down 5 molds and got two, I made a pattern with two and rammed it up and cast again so I could put 4 pieces on the matchplate. then I did it in brass ( 9 molds actually ) these will be popular

    V/r HT1
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