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  1. Jason

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    I recently picked up some junk off fleabay to aid in the smoothing and shaping of bronze. I've been using these in a dremel and so far have proved to be well worth the chump change I paid for them. Do yourself a favor and double up as I'm sure the quality is suspect. By comparison, I bought ONE dremel tungsten bit at HD and coughed up a 20! Sure it's still cutting after a couple of projects, but it was all I could find local. If you guys have suggestions for better quality stuff, I'm all ears!

    These so called tungsten burrs make quick work of removing bronze. A few of them have suffered tiny chips in a few teeth. Not to worry, I have more on the way. :p If the link dies, try searching for this
    10pcs Tungsten Carbide Burr Rotary Cutter Engraving bit 3mm 1/8" Shank New

    Next junk tool on the list is these so called diamond burrs. They are running a deal at the moment. 2bucks! For that price, use them as friggen nails and hang pictures with them! lol They actually work good for really fine and small work on bronze. Lifespan is suspect, but these are the same ones that HF sells in the little black box for 8bucks. These are $3.00 and have a better selection of balls and cones.
    20Pcs 3mm Shank Diamond Grinding Burr Drill Bits Sets For Rotary Tools

    Last on the list are these crappy diamond bits. They work too and are cheap as chewing gum!
    No box, but for 2bucks who cares?
    30Pcs Tool Set Diamond Burr Bits Drill For Engraving Etching Rotary Without Box

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  3. Jason

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    Thanks Richard. I see a few shapes and sizes there I need to add to my arsenal. I like how that company sells the same chinese junk if you scroll to the bottom of the page. lol
    No one is immune these days to the lure of cheap disposable tools.
  4. Zapins

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    Yeah I have a few sets I got from ebay. Seem to work just fine. Been using them for years now and they still cut. They don't seem to dull easily unless you grind some shell material up with them.

    It would be nice to have slightly different burr shapes. Small balls would be nice.
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  6. Jason

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    thanks John.. there's those tungsten sharpening wheels.. ;)
  7. Jason

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    You can't beat this with a stick. CHEAP AS DIRT!

  8. Jason

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    I think I'll buy some more right now just for the hell of it. :p
  9. Rtsquirrel

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    I just ordered a mess of it. Thx for the tip! Just the tip mind you...
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  10. Jason

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    Funny thing.. I had 3 packs of these things show up in the mail TODAY. 4 weeks on a slow boat from china. Not bad, when stuff finally starts trickling in from China, it's like a surprise because I forgot what the hell I bought. :oops:
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  11. Tobho Mott

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    And only for a minute! :D

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