Bronze pieces I cast this summer with patina recipes

Discussion in 'Lost wax casting' started by DJN Holistic, Aug 30, 2022.

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    At the beginning of the year I intended to sculpt and cast three pieces so that I had the enough work for a full submission for the Great Sheffield Art Show. My deadline was the end of September and I've managed it with a month to spare.

    I'm quite happy with the progress I've made with my casting ability and can see a substantial improvement over last years efforts.

    Here's what I came up with.

    Cthulhu Icon 7.5 x 6cm

    Fumigated in salt and vinegar for 9 hours
    Fumigated in Ammonia.88 for 12 hours
    Dipped in a weak sulphur solution for about 10 seconds.
    Enamel finish


    Sparrow 10cm x 15cm

    Dipped in a very strong sulphur solution until completely black.
    Selectively sanded back to base metal with a wire brush.
    Dipped again in a weak sulphur solution.
    Enamel finish

    Sparrow Left.jpg Sparrow Right.jpg

    Bull 11.5 x 16cm

    Airbrushed with ferric nitrate and a torch.
    Dipped in medium sulphur solution.
    Enamel Finish

    Bull Face.jpg Bull Rear.jpg
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    Nice work! I particularly like the sparrow.
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  3. Jason

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    Nice work... Zap is the resident chicken expert around here. Check out his work!
  4. DJN Holistic

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    Yeah, I saw them. Brave man working directly with the wax like that.

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