Bronze recipe?

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  1. Greetings all, I'm making a Scooby Doo dog tag of all things cast in bronze. I don't have any so I was going to make some with copper and tin 12% by weight though I'm told there are different components and ratios for different effect, just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on it as I've not used bronze before.
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    Bronze comes in about 500 different flavors. It comes down to what you want to do with it. Take silicon-bronze for example. It's 96% copper with tin and manganese. Aluminum bronze is copper/aluminum. Then there is brass, it's copper with zinc. There are guys here that alloy their own bronze... (richard) But it's not really a beginner thing despite the asshats you see on youtube melting some shit in a pot and calling it bronze. If you are new to melting metal, do yourself a favor and buy it ready to go. When learning to cast metal, you have enough crap working against you trying to make you fail and give up. Are you here in the states? DO you have everything else ready to go? Furnace, sand or investment? Crucible? What about the pattern? If you are here in the states, get everything ready to rock and I'll send you a chunk. Just pick up the shipping. savvy?
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    Just noticed you are in NZ. We have members here from your neck of the woods.

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