Bubble Alumina as a Kaowool Coating

Discussion in 'Furnaces and their construction' started by Melterskelter, May 15, 2019.

  1. Melterskelter

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    Has anyone used Bubble Alumina to coat their Kaowool or IFB? BA is pricey.

    I ask since a representative at High Temperatue Tools suggested it as an alternative to J-Coat. (Yes! A company on line who will actually respond to an email inquiry) I noted in a video by Luckygen1001 that he uses J-coat on his Kaowool furnace. Both products are supposed to be highly resistant to fluxes and reactive atmospheres.

    I get my Satanite at High Temperature Tools at a reasonable price and quick shipping.

  2. oldironfarmer

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    There was a thread on here discussing bubble alumina, Kelly maybe?
  3. Melterskelter

    Melterskelter Silver Banner Member

    I see a post or two where he considered it, but the price he was quoted was out of sight. So, I do not think he went there. I was hoping someone might have actually given it a try and could report their experience. I do not know of a source for J-Coat manufactured by Morgan.

    High Temperature Tools has it available for 120 dollars for a 20 pound bag which seems mighty high, but if it is substantially better, might actually be worth considering.
    From their website:
    "Bubble Alumina Refractory Coating:

    Highly flux resistant! This material works really well for coating an Inswool lined forge for protection against flux when forge welding. This is one of the most flux resistant coatings we have found to date!

    - 3300 degree temperature rating
    - 2.5 # bag is enough to do the floor in a 12" vertical forge (3/8" recommended thickness)

    84# per cubic foot (1728 cubic inches)

    2.5 pound bag - $17.00

    5 pound bag - $32.00

    20 pound bag - $120.00

    - We can ship up to 20 pounds of Bubble Alumina in a USPS Flat Rate box!

    Bubble Alumina FAQ"

  4. Al2O3

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    MS recalls correctly. I investigated for making a brushable low mass furnace hot face but didn't really need it's refractory nor resistance, and it was pricey, so never used it. I opted for the moldable ceramic fiber instead for the low mass furnace...........which I need to update the thread.

    BA is interesting material though and may be well suited to MS' need.


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