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Discussion in 'General foundry chat' started by Zapins, Jul 12, 2020.

  1. Zapins

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    Haha yeah I can imagine. I usually don't buy warranties either but that seems like a good exception. What are you using it for? I can't imagine you'll be digging your entire yard up. Though it looks useful for deshelling castings.

    No gutters on the garage roof. But even if there was there's a gutter downspout from the house that leads down that area and one of the garage downspouts drains to that general area. So it gets a bit saturated in that area. Especially now that I removed about 1 foot of good drainage soil down to clay layer. Will need some good drainage setup behind the wall.

    Any idea what kind of led lights might work? May need to use a socket and mini bulb.

    Is 120v OK in the garden or should I be doing 12v for safety?
  2. Jason

    Jason Gold

    I'm gonna use it to shape my hole. I saw a guy on YT actually dig his basement with this setup!:eek: I'm sure an excavator will only get 75% of my hole dug if I'm lucky! I'm planning an A frame trolly that will lift 11gallon buckets of earth up out of the hole on a cheap electric hoist. Still dont know what I'm going to do with 37yards of dirt. Probably mail it to David.:p

    I would think low voltage lighting would be the way to go even though I hate the stuff. It is safer for outside use and cheaper to install.
  3. rocco

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    120v can be done safely in the garden but I'd probably go with 12v anyways, far fewer electrical code compliance issues that way.
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  4. Jason

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    I gotta ask.. has low voltage yard lighting got any better in the last 20years? The last set I had was complete garbage. Fixtures leaked and rusted out, timer was wonky and bulbs were over priced for their short life. This was also before leds made it big, They gotta be better today because it sure couldnt get any worse.:p
  5. Zapins

    Zapins Gold

  6. Jason

    Jason Gold

    There ya go. Did ya find a timer?
  7. Zapins

    Zapins Gold

    Figured I'd hook it up to manual switch at the gazebo. No timer needed. Basically mood lighting for when I have guests over.

    I'll have to look for some thin direct bury wire. Or maybe I'll just get that grey plastic conduit stuff. I can silicone caulk the entrance to the fixture.

    You sure you don't want to try your hand at garden bronze lamps Jason? Seems up your alley with the prior lighting castings.

    I might need to install under lawn drainage in the yard since its dug down to clay level and drainage isn't as good as well as behind wall drainage.
  8. Jason

    Jason Gold

    Yeah actually I would.. But I just tossed my last bucket of SS. I don't see me getting to cast anything until I climb outta my hole.
    Or hydraulically come rising up like a phoenix from the depths of hell!

    anyone got a smoke machine I can borrow?
  9. Zapins

    Zapins Gold

    I got a smoke machine :)

    Where are the pics man I wanna see you digging up a storm like Colin Furze on youtube. Just be sure to wear your safety tie
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  10. Jason

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    Patience... It's coming fast enough. Still waiting on notice of arrival to finish the paperwork. Btw, there is a new tunnel video coming on thursday!
  11. Zapins

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    Ohh I'm psyched. I want to see it finished. I kind of also want to see him keep tunneling. Its too cool.

    Makes me want to dig tunnels...
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  12. Jason

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    It is a hell of a big project. He's got the backers paying as the material cost has got to be enormous! What I am noticing is a lot of condensation of the steel inside that tunnel and that's not a good thing. It's a design issue I'm working through right now. I think my solution is going to be 2inch thick 4/8 sheet foamular EVERYWHERE! The floor, the walls all covered in EPS foam then a thick vapor barrier over that, rebar, then concrete. Cool earth next to warm air is a bad mix. I'd like to think I'll be okay, but you never know.

    I hope Kelly has a cheap source for the stuff. If not, how bad can it be? I only need 14sheets of the stuff.
  13. Tobho Mott

    Tobho Mott Gold Banner Member

    I think Furze is almost done his. Here's another guy digging in even deeper, this one looks like it may stretch on for a while:
    Jason, looking forward to seeing your hole in the ground too... But you're saying you threw out your suspendaslurry?! Damn...

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  14. Jason

    Jason Gold

    Yeah when the stuff gets old, ya dont take any chances. I guess old SS is okay for top coats, but I just wont risk it.
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  15. Jason

    Jason Gold

    lol.. Did you see part 8? He actually said now he's going to install a car lift like the one I'm installing. :rolleyes:
  16. Zapins

    Zapins Gold

    What a freaking copy cat. If it wasn't for his safety tie...

    Behold I have made 2 of these vegetable garden boxes and charred the hell out of them so they hopefully won't rot on me in 1 year.

    Also, appreciate my Ginger! I sprouted it and will feast this autumn on the freshest ginger mother nature can provide


    I dug drainage ditches all over my back yard in preparation for planting a kick ass flower garden with secret tea drinking spot.

    Who knew playing house could be so damn fun!
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  17. Jason

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    lol.. I tell ya, if I don't hit a 1000subs, I'm not filming jack shit!

    I didnt know ginger was easy to grow. What you need to grow is ginseng! $$$$$$
  18. Zapins

    Zapins Gold

    Yeah man for sure but I don't know how to cook with it or use it.

    Man too much work. BTW drainage supplies are 50% cheaper at rural king than lowes. Its pretty crazy actually. What a rip off at lowes.

    Anyway I finished buying most of the drain stuff. Just need a few catch basins to drain off surface water then I'm good to install it all.
  19. Jason

    Jason Gold

    I wish we had a rural king here in my town.. Funny thing, we have one in Bonita Springs FL! Look at a map and explain to me how that one makes any sense.
  20. Adi11aQ

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