Carpenter Brothers?

Discussion in 'General foundry chat' started by Mister ED, Jun 30, 2020 at 3:33 PM.

  1. Mister ED

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    Do (or have) any of you folks deal with Carpenter Brothers? They are based out of Milwaukee and looks like they are primarily here in the mid-west/rust belt.

    If so, any suggestions? I have had a hard time even trying to figure out how to get in touch with the local(ish) folks in Grand Rapids. I remember a few years back when I was shopping for refractory, it was a PITA finding out what they had in stock and a price ... I finally found someplace else that stock refractory.

    Even with quite a few foundries around west Michigan, they are the only supply house around (actually bought up a couple other supply houses and shut them down over time). There is a couple in Detroit area ... but that is 3 hrs one way.
  2. Mister ED

    Mister ED Silver

    Ok update on above. I was able to place an order and pick up some new sand.

    To place an order, you need to get in touch with the Milwaukee sales office ... no matter where you are. It appears that Carpenter Bro's uses only third party warehousing ... thus the issue I was having getting a hold of someone local. It was all a bit confusing at first, but once I got a hold of Milwaukee office ... all went smoothly.

    I also did get a contact for a regional rep that actually emailed me and I chatted with on the phone.

    If one of the mods reads this, please feel free to move it to the supplier section ... it probably fits there a little better.
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    Thanks for posting, Ed. Low and behold they have a presence in Portland, Or and I have a way to get supplies from Portland. I am always looking for foundry supply sources. Here is a graphic showing their facilities.



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