Casting a Bearing Cap in Iron

Discussion in 'Sand Casting' started by PatJ, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. PatJ

    PatJ Silver Banner Member

    The weather is good today/tonight, so I will try to finish sanding out the bearing cap and get it ready for molding.

    I think this casting will go much better than the windmill gear.
    This casting is pretty simple compared to what I have cast previously.

    Its time to wrap this one up and get it sent.

  2. PatJ

    PatJ Silver Banner Member

    I got a little more work done of the flask for the bearing cap, and another project I am working on at the same time.

    The thermometer was at 93F in the shed today, and unfortunately I have moved my molding stuff out there where there is no AC.
    I could put AC in the shed, but don't have time for it.

    I am close to making a mold.
    I will do a little more sanding on the pattern tonight, and I should be ready to mold sand at that point.

    The heat sort of sucks the life out of you, even with a fan going, but makes one appreciate having AC when you go back inside the house.

    The snap-flask thing seems to be working well, and I am starting to think more in terms of post mold making work on the bound sand to make the sprue, runners, gates, etc., which would greatly speed up the mold making process.

    Here is a good video showing what can be done with a bound sand mold after it sets, using ordinary woodworking tools.

    The flask is glued on two opposing sides, and can hinge open on the other two sides, in snap-flask fashion.



  3. PatJ

    PatJ Silver Banner Member

    I am back out in the hot box for round two.

  4. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    105 here today.:( I spent the day inside. I decided I'm going to install a 2ton mini-split in my garage. I'm sick of this shit. I can get a bryant for about 1300. The best part is I'll only have to make two holes in my brick for the condensor sitting outside. Prices have really come down on these things. If you want to roll the dice, you can get a cheap one for under a grand with free shipping.
    These are so easy to hook up it's not funny. Keep in mind, most are heatpump units so it might not be the best for those of you where it gets really cold. I've got gas heat for the winter so I'll probably just run the fan in the winter to move some air.
  5. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    Hey! How in the hell did her little glass stones not blow apart from the temp of the cast iron?
  6. PatJ

    PatJ Silver Banner Member

    That is a very good question, but not one that I know the answer to.
    Zircon must be some good stuff.

    I am having good luck with LG window units at the moment for the house.
    The AC folks were very proud of their new units, and the reviews on all the AC units manufactured now are "DO NOT BUY FOR ANY REASON !!!!", every brand.
    So I can replace the window units every two years if required, and still come out thousands ahead.

    I think an LG will run longer than 2 years, but the game plan right now is window units.
    My central heat works fine, and I can repair that myself if required (it has been quite reliable).
    And I have have a window unit replace in a few hours or less, without having to call anyone.

    I sanded out the bearing cap pattern, but it still had a few low spots in it, so I added some filler.
    I will sand it again tomorrow, and then whatever it looks like is what is going to get cast.
    Its time to git-er-done.

    The cope and drag sand are measured out, and ready for mixing.
    All the sand has to be weighed in order to get the correct mix ratio.

  7. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    I kinda doubt she used CZ's for that.

    I don't have a window in my garage so I'm kinda stuck with a mini split. My only complaint with them is they are highly computerized for what they are. The Mitsubishi's are extremely complicated and not cheap. I would not recommend touching anything using R22 if you can even find them anymore. Jan 1 2020 and it's 410a stuff only. Window units usually are R134a, like your fridge.
    Every brand out there has bad reviews. Gotta pick the best of the worst.:rolleyes: Built to a price mentality really sucks.:mad:
  8. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    Hey Pat, Gypsy girl told me they WERE cz's.... Pretty wild. She said it doesn't always work.
  9. PatJ

    PatJ Silver Banner Member

    That's what she said in her video.
    You would think the expansion would explode them for sure.

    It is hotter than hades here today.
    I had to do some outdoor surveying in the sun today, and I about heat-stroked out.
    Dang humidity is redlining.
    Its like walking around in a sauna gone wild.

    Suppose to be cooler later this week, so the wife says (LOL, I just checked the forecast, and it is dropping all the way down to 91 this week; well that puts my mind to rest........NOT !).

    Anything below 96 F and 87% humidity (todays temp and humidity) would seem cool at this point.


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