Cheapest pot burner.

Discussion in 'Burners and their construction' started by Jason, May 3, 2018.

  1. Jason

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    Jeff asked me to post the details on this dead nuts simple burner. It is made out of just a handful of parts. I used 1/2" black pipe with a cap on one end, a coupling and a flared fitting to connect to the propane setup. The propane setup is a 1-10psi regulator from lowes. (about 24bucks I think) I did not use the enclosed orifice with the kit. For an orifice, I drilled a 1/16" hole in the middle and welded a 6" section of 2" pipe over it. That's it! It won't melt squat, but it will boil a huge pot of water in 20mins flat. SO whip out those crawfish, grab a big bag of steamers and light it up. For what it's worth, the regulator kit from lowes is a first class piece of shit complete with offshore stank. The valve is crappy and lacks any precise setting to it at all. In addition, I wouldn't attempt to use this with any forging or furnace applications. When faced with spending 60bucks for a junk pot boiler kit, I'd take mine in a heartbeat.

    Option B would be the good old harbor freight weed burner. I attempted to cannibalize parts from mine, but was greeted with with left hand threads and proprietary style fittings. Those slimeballs have stuff engineered to the Nth degree and you aren't screwing with it. So don't even try.


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    Cool, that really is about as simple as it gets! Thanks for the look inside it.

  3. Jason

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    yes it is. not much to see under her skirt at all. I'm too lazy to plumb in a pressure gauge to see what it's running at. I had it set for about 1 beer every 10mins. I'm a professional at those settings.

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