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Discussion in 'Other metal working projects' started by cojo98v6, Nov 28, 2018.

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    Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Lol :p
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    Is that the 3D printer you got a couple years ago? I was all excited about that and was ready to order one. I read some reviews and there was talk of missing parts and bags of misc stuff so I chickened out.
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    Heck if I remember, I have 4 3d printers now and 2 cnc mills. Can you say tool junkie??
  6. cojo98v6

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    I wish, I'm getting very anxious myself. I just have so many other things I need to get done, so this gets worked one when I get a few minutes here and there. Plus I caught something over the holiday break, so I did not get much done like I planned.

    Have been doing a lot of research/learning/planning on the CNC shield and UNO R3 Board software and setting up the stepper motors and lead screws with the correct settings for what I bought.

    So I got the bulk of the frame drilled and bolted together. Its starting to take shape though, actually a bit bigger than I envisioned.

  7. DavidF

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    Looks like your moving right along :)
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    Haven't checked here in a while, switching to those supported rails will be a HUGE improvement that you'll not regret. If I push my little 3018 at all, I can watch the X axis rails flex...a lot. No such issues with your setup now....good upgrade!

    Edit:....Also good to see I'm not the only one taking pictures of my shoes. ;) lol

  9. cojo98v6

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    Getting there, wish I was a bit farther along.

    After some suggestion it seemed like the right move and now that I've committed to it, I'm glad I did. In doing so, I just purchased the rails and bearings and had to upgrade to the 16mm ones as I could not get all the lengths I needed in 12mm, were all out of stock. In the end it will just be that little bit stronger.

    I have gotten the main frame done and fastened together, I'll take some pix this weekend. Hope to get some more done this weekend as well, at least in between shoveling snow.

    LOL, I always try to keep my shoes out of the picture, but gave up trying. Plus I figured it would give it that extra touch.
  10. cojo98v6

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    Got some work done on the router finally. Update on the rails, of course when I finally went to purchase none of the 12mm were available in the length I needed, so the X and Y are now 16mm and the Z (table) are 20mm. In the end this will just make it that much more ridged. Because of this change I had to disassemble the frame and drill new holes for the larger rails. I also had to update the CAD file to locate the holes for the linear bearings that changed location, because of the larger bearings I had to increase the plate sizes.
    I now of the frame reassembled, the X and Z rails installed and all the remaining metal components rough cut.
    To get the proper length linear rails I bought 1000mm length ones and cut them to length, them things are very case hardened. Bought one of those mini 6" chops saws from HF, it worked good.

    Frame reassembled after drilling for larger rails.

    Rails and two stepper motor installed.

    Frame Assem1.JPG
    Updated CAD assembly
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