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Discussion in 'New member introductions' started by Bruce R., Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Bruce R.

    Bruce R. Copper

    Hi from central Pa. Bruce Reigle her from Shamokin, I’m 61, been a metal worker all my life, got into casting in the early 90’s after buying Dave Gingerys books, I sure miss Lindsay Publications ! I mainly cast aluminum parts I need for projects of mine, currently I’m conspiring to mount a supercharger onto a 62 Buick aluminum v-8. I’ve done all the regular sand cast parts, now I feel I need to move on to lost foam as the rest of the parts are hollow and would require cores which I’m too lazy to bother with. LOL.
  2. oldironfarmer

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    Welcome to the Home Foundry. Lots of knowledge here, but you'll have a lot to share too.
  3. PatJ

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    Tom Lindsay use to tell me "if I ever retire, I am going to build one of those steam engines like your dad made".
    So when he retired, I sent him and email, and said "No more excuses, get off your behind and make a steam engine".
    He just laughed.
    I am still waiting on him to build one.


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