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Discussion in 'Lost wax casting' started by Lance Brown, Sep 24, 2020.

  1. Hi there, I've been watching a bunch of lost wax videos and am fascinated by the process and artistry. I'm not sure I can however invest in the time and effort to do this myself and need help from one of you artisans to replicate some rare classic car badges and hood ornaments. I'd like to do a limited run of them so I can support others who have the same vehicle.

    I'll take care of the plating!

    I have parts to mold from but would need them back after the molds are made ( I am borrowing them). Take a look at the pictures and let me know if its a challenge you want to take on.

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  2. Zapins

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    How many of each are you looking for and roughly what is your budget? Im guessing you want it all out of bronze?

    There are a few lost wax casters on the forum.
  3. I'd like to produce 6 of each set with the ability to produce more later so silicon molds? the original parts were pot metal and I don't care what they are made of as they will be chromed when I get them back. Whatever will provide high-quality parts and retain detail.

    thanks for the reply!
  4. Zapins

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    How big are they approximately? Do they need any post casting processing like polishing to mirror finish or just sand blasted after casting?

    Silicone molds are the way to go but it is fairly pricey stuff.
  5. DavidF

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    A few of things to keep in mind.
    When splashing a mold for an original part and copying it you will get between 2 and 3 percent shrinkage, 2% being the norm and that means the stud holes won't line up unless you address it by either moving the studs on the wax pattern or creating a oversized master pattern to take the mold from.
    The other is the material. The platers I have dealt with have all preferred brass castings.
    You should check with your plater and see what they want. Also get an estimate from them to plate your parts before going any farther. Some guys want as much as $100.00 each for a small emblem.:confused:
  6. Al2O3

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    That's the voice of experience speaking to you Lance...........

  7. I'm actually thinking about the same thing for a car restoration. My problem is that the main emblem I need to reproduce is about 18" long. Are there flasks this size that would work? In my case I plan to plate it myself using a Caswell "reprochrome" kit. It uses a cobalt plating to replicate the look of chrome while being easier to do and safer.
  8. DavidF

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    You'll have to make a custom flask for that one.
    Also, just go with the chromatic acid over the cobalt. Just make sure you "charge" the solution with a dummy plate so it throws right.
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