Cotronics may be a source for a wide range of refractory materials

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  1. Melterskelter

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    A friend recently pointed out a source of some unusual refractory materials. Rather than review the list here, I would suggest taking a look at their website. Some of these products are new to me as type not just brand of material. For instance they have a pure alumina potting liquid potting compound good for 3350F and a fused silica foam good to 3000 as well as machinable ceramics.

    I have no immediate use for any of these products, but I can think of future projects where they might come into play. Just passing the info along for anyone who might find it helpful.

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  2. DavidF

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    Thanks Dennis. Looks like some interesting products..
  3. Al2O3

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    I agree, some interesting materials there. I downloaded their catalogue and saved the address. When a need arises, I'll call to ask the magic questions, what's the minimum order qty and how much $!


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