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    I was thinking of drawing a vacuum while it was in the furnace.....
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    If you draw a vacuum on the molten metal wouldn't you want some kind of cooling loop between the furnace and the vac pump? or have an all metal pump. The excavated air would be warm enough to make plastics well plastic. Or I over thinking this?

    I thought that in old foundry man's video he mentioned that the degassing with argon did create some dross, but the benefit out weighed the minor losses. I'm wondering if there's not a volume of scale component in argon lancing.

  3. Al2O3

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    I completed the curing of the crucible cap. I think this completes the build phase of the lance and cap and it’s on to getting some time in the saddle with it.

    21 Cap Hanging on Lance.JPG 22 Cap on Crucible.JPG

    The cap rides on the lance, and the lance rides in the lid at an adjustable height. If you lift the lid or the furnace body, it will extract the lance and crucible cap. There will need to be a skim sometime after degassing so I’ll have to experiment with the order of events.

    23 Lance Installed in Rig.JPG

    Just for fun, here’s quick 30 sec video.

  4. Al2O3

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    I got a little more experience using the lance today. Here’s a couple of pictures of the lance with the crucible hat installed in the lid installed in my rig.

    24 Lance Hanging.JPG 25 Close Up Lance  Lid.JPG 26 Close Up Lance Hat.JPG

    Here’s a dry run video discussing the use of the lance.

    ….and here’s a video of the actual use, extracting the lance, and inserting pyrometer. I’m still refining things and think I may modify a small set of vice grips for the lance positioning clamp, but it seems to be working well.

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