Does anyone melt cast iron with naturally aspirated burner ?

Discussion in 'Burners and their construction' started by metallab, Oct 10, 2021.

  1. metallab

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    Currently I am making such burners and now testing a Frosty T burner which appears to work well in my small cast iron furnace, but have yet to test a melting session. It gets hot enough to melt copper, but cast iron ? I think I need to use my already existing forced air burner.
    But do some people melt cast iron with a naturally aspirated burner ?

  2. There's a couple of youtubers like Big stack D with his Devilforge furnace.
  3. DavidF

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    Mine gets really close to it, but has to have just a pinch more air..
  4. JCSalomon

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    Has BigStackD managed cast iron?
  5. I just did a Youtube Search: "Big Stack D iron" and found this:

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