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Discussion in 'Pattern making' started by Tobho Mott, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. Tobho Mott

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    Lost foam-specific thread here:

    If that one was in the patternmaking section and didn't have 'lost foam' in the title I would have posted this there. But this post is about sand casting. Add your own finds here if you have any cheap easily available 'backyard' hacks to use household/local items to help make molds for any sort of castings....

    I found this set for $4 at the dollar store with enough of these little letters with proper draft built in to make a few patterns. Just have to trim off the little pegs off the back and a bit of plastic flash on some of them.


    Another $4 dollar store special, they also had some tiny little cast iron frying pans. Maybe big enough to fry an egg or something. So I got cracking! :D


    It took me 3 tries and a lot of cursing to get a mold this nice off it. I broke a little sand off the corner of the "core" area, but I was out of patience and this thing is just a wall hanger anyhow.




    So close! Something obviously crawled inside the mold while it was cooling off and took a bite out of my casting.


    If I hang it up high enough, maybe nobody will notice? o_O


    A little black spray paint and sandpaper and... If I had more time I'd definitely try this one over again.



    But I think I'm gonna have to break out the silver and black paint and hide her glasses for a couple days to buy me some time. ;)

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  2. Petee716

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    That's a spoon rest man! That's such a difficult feature to cast I bet they don't even do that over at Billy Elmore's place! Nice find on the letters, great idea on the gift design as well.

  3. Jason

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    Good job Jeff! Nothing beats a handmade present!
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  4. Tobho Mott

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    Thanks guys. To me it's just strange that all 3 P's pulled clean yet all 4 A's broke off their little triangle of sand. o_O

  5. Petee716

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    image.jpeg image.jpeg
    The a's have confined corners to pack into. The round of the p not so much. It's iffy nonetheless as you can see from b,r, and 8. I have a latex coating that I use as a liquid laminate for coating banners and signs that I use on pattern letters to fill the capture areas. It makes those areas shallower and dulls the corners in the cavities. I know that's not something everyone has laying around but anything that will retain some thickness yet dries with a miniscus would work. I've tried elmers glue several times but it never worked. Maybe something like Plasti-dip (for tools handles, etc) might work. My attached picture is certainly not a perfect example but it pulled way better with the coating than without.


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  6. One other possibility, Jeff, might be to try using sodium silicate bound sand on this relatively small detailed pattern. I will not guarantee that it would pull cleanly, but there is a decent chance it would. I coat the pattern with Johnson's floor wax and then go over details with a moderately stiff brush chip brush with the bristles cut to half length), and a pick to clean accumulated wax from crevices. Then I spray it with silicone release spray. Maybe just do silicate on the letter side. But both sides would be very doable as well.

    These are 1/4" letters and came out fairly cleanly using silicate.
    IMG_5488.JPG IMG_5489.JPG

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  7. FishbonzWV

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    You're such a romantic Jeff. :)
    Nice job!
    For letters that won't pull cleanly and if I don't need to re-purpose the pattern, I spray a heavy coat of paint like brown primer.
    It softens the look of the letters.
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  8. Tobho Mott

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    Lots of good ideas here! Thanks guys.

  9. oldironfarmer

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    Thinned wood putty also gives you a good meniscus and digs out easily with a pick.
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  10. Billy Elmore

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    Uh...yeah..we make tons of them. LOL Some plain...some with logos on the inside. We usually cast them as a rider on bigger jobs and make three at a time but we do have a full plate in which we make nine at a time. Because of their small diameter and have same wall thickness as bigger castings they are easy for us to make with almost no scrap except breakage.
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  11. Petee716

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    I was referring to the
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  12. Billy Elmore

    Billy Elmore Silver

    We make them like that but we dont sell them that way.LOL
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  13. Tobho Mott

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    Haha, I'm sure you don't!

    But she liked her "birthday card", spoon rest and all. She has been sending pictures to all the aunties and cousins. Another year survived. :cool:


    The dollar store letters look to be about 1/2" tall. 188 pieces for $4 makes each piece cost about half a cent. Not too bad IMO for being available 10 minutes down the road. Maybe I will buy a couple more boxes while they still have them - I'm out of Y's already!

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