Dry sand or greensand

Discussion in 'Lost PLA casting' started by KDM, Apr 6, 2021.

  1. KDM

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    Do folk drop the 3D print into simple, clean, dry sand with a sprue for lost positive casting?
    Would there be any advantage in casting the positive in greensand?
  2. rocco

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    Lost pla casting is not a sand casting process like lost foam casting rather it is an investment casting process meaning the pattern is embedded in a plaster or ceramic based mold material then the pattern and mold are fired to burn out the pattern leaving behind a hollow mold into which molten metal can then be poured.
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  3. KDM

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    Ahhhh.. THAT's the difference. Thank you!
  4. Fulmen

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    Think printable "lost wax"
  5. Melterskelter

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  6. rocco

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    Interesting. So basically that would be using silicate bonded sand as the investment, somebody here needs to try that to see if it's a viable method.
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