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Discussion in 'General foundry chat' started by Zapins, Sep 7, 2019.

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    The other day I was welding with my small hobbyist mig welder in the my garage underneath the apartment complex I live in and one of the maintenance guys walked by and was kind of a dick about it, taking photos to email to "corporate office" and saying he's not making a big deal of me welding but I can't weld in my own personal garage on the concrete floor because its a fire hazard or some nonsense.

    Anyway, I spoke with the office and they said to speak with some higher up in the company for permission. Unfortunately this means work for me to prepare a decent argument. So I am trying to find out what the local laws are that govern fire safety, specifically in apartment complexes with attached private garages.

    Are there different laws in NJ that govern apartment garages and welding/fire safety? I am still searching the interwebs but I haven't found anything that specifically addresses that issue. I will try ask the local fire department for some leads but I have a feeling they aren't paid to know local laws. It would be very helpful to have some local laws to point to and or fire department attestation that it is safe and not a fire hazard when I speak with the person in charge of saying yay or nay.

    Unfortunately the snitch maintenance guy has pushed me into a bureaucratic nightmare and unfortunately I'm not really willing to give up welding for the next several years of living in NJ without a damn good reason especially not for using a hobbyist level welder machine. I guess this is what I get for moving back to the north east where you can't walk around outside unless you are encased in protective foam with a GPS tracker on the back of your head in case you get lost and are typed and crossed for blood transfusion in case you get a hang nail.

    I wonder if it matters if I am Mig welding vs Tig welding? Tig makes no sparks so that might be more palatable?
  2. I don't think they have the ability to make the distinction between welding types and their benefits, is there some commonly used gas appliances in the apartments that can be used as a favorable comparison, like a stove? i.e. safer than gas stoves statistically. Make sure to have a fire extinguisher nearby so any photos that clown takes has it in the frame and have a safety protocol in place such as half hourly spot checks for three hours for any smouldering. Be a nuisance and ask them what their policy on electric cars in the garage is. There's got to be commonly accepted household items that are statistically more dangerous.
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    Just like vaping man... BAN IT! It looks like smoking! It doesn't make a 2shits what the fire regs will say. If the owner says, "no welding" you're stuffed!
    Welcome to New Jersey. There is a reason they call it the a-hole of the north east.

    The only dangerous thing that might be on the books is going to be something about your gas. It replaces oxygen in large amounts and they probably don't want tenants going nite nite.
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    It's probably going to be up to the management of the apartment complex. Right or wrong they're probably going to tell you to cut it out. That's not going to be a popular take on it around here but it is what it is.

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    Move back to TN.
    We will let you weld wherever.

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    read your Lease carefully, if it is not in there specifically . or there is not a generic clause you have grounds to stand on to refuse to stop . one way or other be prepared to move at the end of your current lease, if you are month to month... pack

    V/r HT1
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    Yeah I was thinking that HT1. It doesn't say no welding, it just says no flammable propane/gases/grills/charcoal briquettes. Doesn't mention anything that sounds like welding. States you must use electric grills if you want to grill outside. So I think I could say go jump and keep welding but it would be better if they were on board so we don't have to move in a year's time. I could also weld with the garage door closed so they can't directly see it. But again, I'd rather just have them be ok with it than sneak around in my own house like a criminal. Really not happy with maint. man whimpy.
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    See if you can rent a house or duplex somewhere that has a yard, garage, and driveway. That's give you plenty of room to work for probably the same money, although it'll probably also extend your commute. At least you would feel more like you're in control of your own space.

    Also, I can tell you that local fire ordinances where I live state "no flame within ten feet of the structure" so I have to drag my grill and smoker out onto the driveway when I cook.
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    Sounds like you are going the right way about things, I would emphasise that you are a hobby guy and not in it for commercial reasons.
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    HT1 has a point that may work... but keep in mind the lease also doesnt specify no nuclear experiments.:eek:

    I'd just lay low and talk to no one for now. It's always better to ask for forgiveness than for permission with a guaranteed NO for an answer. Keep the door closed, make them come to you. Outta sight, Outta mind. Fk that maintenance whimp.
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    Now that is a spooky little kid!:eek:


    Still better than him draggin around a "My buddy" doll.:rolleyes:
    Remember this bs in the 80's? And we wonder why things have gotten outta balance.o_O

    " Look parents, you didn't teach your loser kid social skills so give him one of these so you won't have to do your job ! "
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