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Discussion in 'Burners and their construction' started by Zapins, Nov 17, 2018.

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    I'm looking for a propane fitting for the new regulator that was given to me by Joe Yard. The fitting should be a POL BBQ tank fitting. I found them on ebay, but when I look at my propane regulator POL fitting that I use at home I see ther the tiny inner piece of metal in the hole shown in the photo below isn't there. The hole that propane can pass through is quite a bit larger in my regulator than the one pictured.

    My question is, can the little inner circle of brass be removed or is it stuck in there?

    Are there different types of POL BBQ fittings?

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    This may help

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    The tank pressure is as high as 250 psi and the regulated pressure is normally less then 50 psi, you can get more then enough flow through the small hole in the fitting at the high tank pressure.

    Art B

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