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  1. OCD

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    Welcome to The Home Foundry forum.

    If your interested in melting and casting metals your in the right place.

    If your new to the foundry world we have many experienced individuals here at THF whom have years of experience whom are more than willing to share their success and failures so all can learn and advance forward.

    We are never to old or young to learn or be experimental but foundry work is not only a very rewarding activity is is also a very dangerous one as well so before you decide to build a burner, construct a furnace, melt some metal and cast an object, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and ask a million questions and do your due diligence before attempting to concur the world of foundry work.

    Below you will find some very helpful links to Mr. Phillip’s website which introduces the topic of foundry and casting.

    Explore his site as there is some Very informative information there to be read and acknowledged.

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  2. Al Puddle

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    That's a pretty good and worth watching for new articles. This needs to be easily accessible to those starting out.
  3. OCD

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    And other's wanting to branch off into a different method of casting.

    David, Kelly

    Think this is worthwhile to make as a sticky?
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  4. DavidF

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    Definitely worthy, I need to make a spot to put things like this........
  5. OCD

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    Maybe a section called "Sticky's" ? LOL

    Maybe even contact Mr. Phillips asking for permission to copy and past here on THF?

    What's the worse he can say, No?

    We still have the link at least.
  6. J.Vibert

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    Great link... by far the best resource I've seen. (the navy manual is dry and assumes prior knowledge)

    Follow the Youtube link at the top right of the home page and join his channel.
  7. DavidF

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    Hes actually a pretty cool guy and would like post it here himself if asked...
  8. OCD

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    Well Mr. Administrator,,,,,,
  9. Tobho Mott

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    I know he has posted on AA before and seemed really sincerely interesed in spreading the knowledge he has. I subbed to his YouTube not too long ago... in fact that was just before he started posting videos about playing the stock market instead of about foundry stuff.
  10. Jason

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    Yeah I remember this guy. I'm subbed, but he hasnt poured hot metal on YT in awhile.
  11. OCD

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    Links were updated.
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  12. OCD

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