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Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by FishbonzWV, Sep 27, 2022.

  1. FishbonzWV

    FishbonzWV Silver Banner Member

    Cleaning out stuff I figure I'll never use.
    Habitat/Restore won't take electronics and it pains me to take this to the scrappers.
    Some are new, some used working takeoffs.
    I'll ship Priority Mail to US only.
    You can reply here or PM if interested.



    SSR's: 25A, 40A, 75A. (3) 3 ph 25A
    Heat sinks

    Not pictured, a couple 1/3hp 3ph 1280 rpm motors (6 pole)
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  2. Ironsides

    Ironsides Silver

    what are the SSR's or do you mean SCR?
  3. FishbonzWV

    FishbonzWV Silver Banner Member

    Solid State Relays

    I'm going to make a few calls to the local trade schools and see if they have any interest in this stuff.
  4. Ironsides

    Ironsides Silver

    Ah I see now, it was then I realized that I had two of them (DC operated) and I have never seen a AC operated one.
  5. Zapins

    Zapins Gold

    Thats awful nice of you :)
  6. BattyZ

    BattyZ Silver

    PM for the 3 servos and #phase SSR's! Awesome, thanks!

    Edit: I PM'd**
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  7. FishbonzWV

    FishbonzWV Silver Banner Member

    PM sent
  8. FishbonzWV

    FishbonzWV Silver Banner Member

    Thanks to BattyZ for taking a couple boxes of stuff.
    I found a local high school that has an alternative energy program and I unloaded a dozen 48v DC motors, a couple motor conversions I did, some rectifiers with heat sinks and some miscellaneous items.
    I took my test rig with me and he was thrilled to get it.
    Test rig was equipped with a three phase rectifier for testing Wye and Delta.
    Three bridge rectifiers for testing each group of windings.
    Monitors for AC amperage, DC amperage, DC voltage.
    A stud diode for the testing of DC motors when hooked to a battery.
    In the back was a 3.7 ohm/ 50 watt dump load.
    I'm glad I didn't have to pitch this stuff.
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