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Discussion in 'Links to useful information' started by Rob Hall, Nov 5, 2020.

  1. Zapins

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    Lol yep thanks.
  2. Rob Hall

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    Howdy folks! Just trying to keep this thread active.

    The real reason I am a caster instead of an onlooker wishing I could do what you folks do, is because of this board AND more importantly this exact map.

    I was able to meet up with Solarfreak via this means and that made ALL the difference! To have a helpful soul to demonstrate some techniques.

    As an aside I saw Ryan (Solarfreak) at our local farmer's market a week or so back which kinda relit the fire (pun very intended) for casting and I have made a micro-furnace (Paint can and forced air propane) and was able to get an aluminum melt....I hope to have some gingery machine(s) cast soon enough.

    In case anyone doesn't have it
  3. Terlton, OK 74081
  4. Rob Hall

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    Thanks for playing Andy. :) Got ya on there
  5. DaveZ

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    Altoona, Pa.
  6. amber foundry

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    Henham, near bishop's Stortford Hertfordshire uk
  7. Rob Hall

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    Thanks folks! You are both on there now.
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  8. theroundbug

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    Katy, Texas
  9. BattyZ

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    Elkhart, Iowa, 50073
  10. 3Dcasting

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    Was looking for this map a couple weeks ago! Good to see it still exists!
    I'm still there! Maybe change my name from _3D_ to 3Dcasting.
  11. Rob Hall

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    Mister Hall is now officially a MICHIGANDER!!!!

    I am living on my family land in Harrison, MI

    I moved up here a few weeks ago and started a new job working IT at Ventra (Flex-n-Gate) in Evart Michigan.

    I thought I had some heavy metal. These presses are pushing upwards of 3000 tons pressure.

    Thankfully I get to play with the bits and bytes side of that, but the dies they use are easily 6 foot by 5 foot by 3 foot....HUGE! I would love to get pics, but due to patents and such that would get me in big trouble.
  12. Melterskelter

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    OK, I’ll spill the beans about Flex-n-Gate:

    Interesting place! According to the “ about us” company page they started out 70 yrs making car bumpers and still
    make them along with a lot of other things. Similarly, I know a woman who is the granddaughter of a Detroiter who started a small business in his garage making auto-related tooling. The family still privately holds what has become a huge corporation and she has played a significant management role. To meet her you would never guess that next-door Katie had that background. Her grampa, rightfully, is a family legend.

  13. Rob Hall

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    Nice try to hijack a thread. ;-)

    I have deleted my Kentuckiness

    I am now officially here in Michigan. Like, really here. Kicked my mom out of the house and all...

    Oh, I snuck another contender IN on the map.

    Please welcome Jordan. I think he's just shy.

    Before I left Kentucky I helped him by gifting him my turkey fry foundry and a bunch of kit.
    We built him a flask and actually got MOST of a cast done before I left.
    His dad was there to help and learn. Both are fantastic people!
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  14. Rob Hall

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    Aight folks, Mr. Hall is rekindling his fires, pun very intended.

    Anyone want to get on the map??
  15. crazybillybob

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    I have relocated my little furnace from Malvern, ohio to Strasburg, Ohio can you please update the map.
  16. Rob Hall

    Rob Hall Copper

    Gotcha buddy! Loved the Strasburg Railroad trip!
  17. deads1024

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    Moruya, nsw, australia please
  18. DJN Holistic

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    You can stick me on there if you like.

    Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

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