Has anyone used these two online retailers?

Discussion in 'General foundry chat' started by Zapins, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Zapins

    Zapins Silver

    Anyone used these retailers/sellers before? I need parts they sell, but I am unsure I want to put my credit card # into their site since I've never heard of them before and don't know if they are safe sites.


  2. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    I'd use 'em. They pass my sniff test. You know if you are really paranoid, use some cash and buy a visa card at walmart.
  3. Zapins

    Zapins Silver

    Yeah I did that and then found out you have to put your social security # in on some website to "activate" the card. I didn't, so I have had 30 bucks tied up on the stupid prepaid card for the last 2 years unused. How's that for paranoia? :)

    Might just end up using the site as you say.
  4. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    SS#?????? That's a new one. I'd never input my social anywhere.
  5. Zapins

    Zapins Silver

    Yeah that's what I thought too. Apparently something to do with the Patriot act? Seems intrusive.

    Also, they now want your SS# when getting a local fishing license in TN. And they put it into the pin pad machine in the fishing shop. I kid you not, when I heard that from the employee I laughed and left the shop mid sentence.
  6. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    are they asking for the SS# or your federal tax ID #??
  7. Zapins

    Zapins Silver

    For the prepaid debit card it was the social, for the website they want just my CC#
  8. crazybillybob

    crazybillybob Copper Banner Member

    I have used us.misumi-ec.com before. Good Company I am using some of there product to rebuild my CNC router bigger better stronger.
  9. Frank Clark

    Frank Clark Copper

    I've used both. One set of 12.9 bolts I got from mrmetric where of dubious quality. All others have been fine.

    us.misumi-ec.com is a large company. No issues...

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