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  1. Mr. Don

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    Hello, Don here, "Mr. Don" I'm a model maker, and love to learn new things.

    So much to learn here! Was very pleasantly surprised by the Lost Foam Castings of very thin walls, Kelly, your videos are viewed and reviewed, thank you for your efforts and for sharing. Inspiring!

    Thats all for now. Thank you for this forum!

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    Welcome to the forum Don!
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    Don, do you belong to any model maker forums? If so which ones. I visit some because of another interest I have, Vacuum Forming.

  4. Mr. Don

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    Hello! Sorry to take so long to respond, technical issues and day job demands.

    First of all, thanks for the welcome! And to Fredo, I do not belong to any active model forums, the one I had been involved with is down now, Scalemotorcars, it is dedicated to large scale models. But they are besieged with problems and are down indefinitely. I have joined the AACA, Antique Automobile Club of America, they have created a sub-forum for modelers, but I have not done anything since joining to show.

    I have done, literally a ton of vacuum forming, and a lot of resin casting. I am still employed as a modeler, "Hard Modeler" as opposed to Clay Modeler. But with the massive investment that all industries have made in printed modeling/production, there is very little for me to do, however, I have a high threshold for pain and tedium. -And I get the projects that require those skills.

    My interests here are to learn the skills to apply to model making. I am sort of in the beginnings of a 1/4th scale Ford Model A Pick-up and have a back burner desire to make a 1/4th scale Alfa Romeo 2300 Monza. (The engine at least!) Discovering how thin a thin wall casting can be! -has rekindled this "Lost Cause".

    I have been involved in model making my whole life and maybe I have grandiose visions of what a "Real Model" can look like. -It's a small ambition, and it's mine!
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  5. Mr. Don

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    Hello, me again. -if anyone was curious about my work? (You never know whose reading these things?) Here are a few images of my work and projects I've been involved in.


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  6. Mr. Don

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    Transformers+3+Movie+Nascar - Copy.jpg View attachment 24199

    Please excuse my fumbling with postings, I am not a "natural" with this sort of stuff.

    Here is an example of some of the casting work I have done. Lots of urethane resin in RTV molds.

    This is one of three transforming Nascar cars done for one of the Transformers franchise.
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  7. Mr. Don

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    spongbobwe made.jpg pirate model  - Copy - Copy - Copy (2).jpg View attachment 24200 View attachment 24199

    Some explanation, this is of course a movie prop. A box-truck converted to a lunch truck, that looked like a pirate ship, made of distressed wood. My contribution was to create the "wood", it is actually 80 gallons of body filler, carefully applied and details, wood grain, and painting were up to me. My best friend Abraham Morales and a few others and I made this, a full sized drivable truck pirate ship, and another from the water-line up, and a one side only, for action shots.
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  8. Mr. Don

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    IMG_6353.JPG IMG_6337.JPG IMG_6352.JPG

    A 1/8th scale Ford headlamp lens, the pattern is Brass, machined in pieces, assembled and heated to impress that design onto a disc of plexiglass. The second photo is of a younger "yours-truly" touching up damage to a Starship Troopers spaceship, (my hair is for the most part MIA and grey)! The third posting is of the center and rear crossmembers of the 1/4th scale Model A that I have started.
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  9. Mr. Don

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    To date, no metal casting, recent. -I have done some Aluminum casting 18 or so years ago for a friend making an electrical bicycle, and back in my "night-class" days, I did some Bronze casting.
    The Aluminum was in PetroBond, and the Bronze was shell casting.

    I have created a vibratory sand tank. Suitable for my intended scale of work. And in addition to model work, I'd like to create an appropriate badge for my Rockwell mill!
    Something Bridgeport-ish!

    And again, thanks for this forum! There is an awful lot to take in!

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