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Discussion in 'New member introductions' started by Chris Babek, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Chris Babek

    Chris Babek Copper

    hi all

    my name is Chris Babek - I sometimes make patterns for casting high end car restorations
    parts for a freind - typically a one part process for unobtainable items. most of the patterns I have made were used for lost wax castings and I am interested in learning the ins and outs of the process and possibly someone who could help me out with a few of these parts. below are a few pictures of previous projects.
    most of what was done was in brass - but they have also had other parts cast in grey iron from time to time.
    Id like to give him finished parts and not just patterns

    thanks guys


    im in process of this part now - on the right is a laser scan of original part and left the model for printing a pattern - for a 1927 Mercedes

    27 mercedes steering bracket.JPG

    originals and patterns for pedals to be cast in bronze
    coachbuilder tag for a Horch
    pattern of left bracket and right developed from it
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  2. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    Welcome to the forum. What's your experience with casting? Cad model looks great!
  3. Melterskelter

    Melterskelter Silver Banner Member


    That is some really nice pattern work that you have done. Welcome to the forum. It's good to have one more oar in the water!

  4. Chris Babek

    Chris Babek Copper

    Thanks guys ,

    we had a foundry at school and we did small aluminum sand castings - so I'm familiar with the processes and terminology - but like anything else - the devil is in the details. I have heard so many things about gates, sprues , risers placement is a real art. Also the materials of the mold , surface finish etc. - Id like to start learning what I can.

    are there any books or publications that would be worth getting.

    Thanks again

  5. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    Art?? not really, more of a science based on a few simple rules. Your castings aren't that complex. Are YOU planning on casting these and want to get setup to do so? So there is the building of the furnace, tools and other stuff. Next you'll want to nail down a process. Example, those pedals need to be done lost wax. The merc parts could be done with sand casting as the originals most like were. The tag and brackets are good candidates for lost wax also. Then it comes down to the size of these parts, small stuff could be done in solid block investment to get the most for details. With that said, don't discount ceramic shell. Next to block investing, it produces the most faithful reproduction of your wax. If you want to see some ceramic shell stuff, check out my channel. Happy to help out where I can. If I had some spare time, I'd say mail me some waxes and I'll get you in metal. But these days, I'm too busy farting around with stuff that lights up. :rolleyes: Last time I opened my trap, the wife wasn't happy seeing pro bono work roll in the door. Whoops! :oops:

    Our fearless leader here does some spiffy car parts in lost wax and another guy here makes ford parts out of lost foam. You want a book? You found it. Browse through some threads here, you'll find the best examples of the different methods on the net! Welcome aboard. We live for photos around here! No photo of a 1927 Mercedes, NO CASTING HELP! :p Savvy?;):D
  6. Chris Babek

    Chris Babek Copper


    I am going to need these pretty soon and the learning curve and equipment may be a lot right now. If you were willing to do the bracket I could certainly make your wife more agreeable with some $$$ . send me an email if you might be interested cbabek@verizon.net - I was thinking about block investment for the bracket - its only 9" X 3 x 3 - the detail in not important as the surface finish - a minimum of about 300 Ra. I would like to try lost wax or direct to PLA 3d print to bypass the wax mold for just one part.

    This car was rebodied in the early 30's - my friends are putting it back to the original body - Mercedes chassis sent to the US and body built by Fleetwood - before Cadillac owned it. Check out the engine turned cowl and hood!

    unnamed.png 74497.jpeg IMG_3544.jpg IMG_3547.jpg

    If you cant do it maybe someone else ?

    Thanks so much for your help

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  7. Al2O3

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    Welcome Chris.

    You may also consider a post in the "Request Casting Service" sub-forum for your brackets. You should state the metal/alloy you are seeking, any information about the available pattern, and time frame you need parts.

    As for your longer term aspirations of casting you own parts, I'd suggest you provide us some additional information about your projects and present skillsets.

    You provided a couple examples but I'd suggest you offer some additional information about the parts you'd typically be casting........namely size, weight, alloy, production quantity, and function of part. As Jason already alluded, different processes have different pros/cons. Finely detailed ornamental parts tend to favor lost or evaporative pattern processes. Larger, higher production rate, automotive parts tend to favor sand casting because that's likely how they were originally designed.

    Building foundry equipment tends to revolve around two primary areas; melting and handling molten metal, and mold making. The former is required for all casting methods but mold making can require specialized equipment tailored to the casting process. If you can cut, fabricate, and weld steel at a novice level, that will be tremendously beneficial to building your own equipment.

    Another consideration is the (largest) size part you'd like to handle. Large parts can make the level of effort required to build and manage casting in a one man shop quite a bit more challenging. Often times it can make more sense to continue to outsource the largest parts if it is a small part of your overall need.

  8. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    How soon would you need them??
    I'm interested in doing them but time is a bit short right now...
  9. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    Look at the colors on this thing! BE STILL MY BEATING HEART! I love the unusual greens, if you've been to germany, you see them everywhere. From toilets to glass and
    automobiles, the Germans are big on them.

    David would be your man for something like this, especially if time is a factor. My schedule is about to get very busy. (football season and my clients chase the cowboys)
    He has been having good success with lost PLA. That method is still very new and often comes with it's own set of problems. (print lines) ugh.
  10. Chris Babek

    Chris Babek Copper

    Appreciate it guys,


    I would need this bracket around mid to late Sept if its something you could do let me know and we can talk - I could give you the cad file if you prefer or have a hard plastic or PLA pattern made to whatever you think the shrinkage should be 2 1/2% ??, holes filled, and I could work the outer surface beforehand to reduce the print lines.

    PS - Jason - I don't care for the green color but it is the original


  11. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    What metal did you want it cast in??
    I think I can pull it off in the time allotted.
    Shoot me the cad file. Thehomefoundry@aol.com
  12. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    Chris I showed my wife those greens, she loved the look with the turned metal. I spent many years living in Germany and their putrid taste in oddball colors grows on you.
    (except that shit brown they love o_O )

    What color is the interior going be? I can smell the combination of horse hair and leather from here! There is no smell like an old old mercedes, hope it retains i

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