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Discussion in 'New member introductions' started by Brianf1977, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. Brianf1977

    Brianf1977 Lead

    I'm a machinist at a steel mill in the midwest. New to forging/casting but I've seen quite a few videos and discussions, I'm not sure I'm ready to commit myself to buying and trying just yet but I love seeing all the work people can do. Hopefully one day soon I can find the time to commit and have some fun with it.
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  2. PatJ

    PatJ Silver Banner Member

    If you melt and pour metal, chances you will get hooked like many of us here.
    Its an addictive hobby, but oh so much fun, and totally rewarding when things go well.

    Casting is a "twofer" hobby, ie: you get to play with fire (if the wife allows it), and you get to make neat stuff.

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  3. Jason

    Jason Gold Banner Member

    Welcome aboard. It is pretty addicting. The possibilities with this stuff is never ending.
  4. YakTriangle

    YakTriangle Copper Banner Member

    Hi and welcome. I don't get the time to spend melting metal that I would like but I manage to fit it in and around everything else. I've been casting stuff for a couple of years or so and I'm still learning ... I think it's a journey that will never end. :)

    And as the guys have already said, it's very rewarding when things work out. :)
  5. Tobho Mott

    Tobho Mott Silver Banner Member

    Welcome indeed.

    What everyone else said: if you try it, you'll probably REALLY like it and want to do it again and again.

    You might take that as either encouragement or a warning, but it was meant as encouragement. :D

  6. Redwolf947

    Redwolf947 Copper

    Welcome, you sound like me. I want to get started on doing some of this but haven't found the time or money for it. Good luck..
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  7. joe yard

    joe yard Silver

    I send this welcome to you and all the new guys. I do not post a lot so I do not get a chance to welcome everyone individually as I would like.
    With that, A hardy nut house welcome and a true feeling of worry for a world where people who would melt metal and find old technology alluring are allowed to run free.
    You are among friends albeit a bunch with the same affliction.
    The knowledge tree that is available here. In my opinion is world class. You wont be shamed or shunned for questions so don’t hesitate to ask. While there are a few trained professional foundry personal on sight. Most range from green to professional armatures but all are learning.
    There is a lot of R&D going on sight. I am sure this sight will produce results that is not ignored by the “professional” foundry’s. WE LIVE FOR PICTURES!

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  8. Jason

    Jason Gold Banner Member

    Double thumbs up for you Joe! It's cool to see the "average Joe" here pushing the limits in a GARAGE! That marshmellow gear thread comes to mind for me.;)
  9. joe yard

    joe yard Silver

    Thank you Jason
    I appreciate the kind words. As you say. I am the average Joe in just about every way. 2 kids, 2 cats and 2 grand children.
    I don’t know if what I am doing in any particular way is pushing the limits. I haven’t personally cast in close to 20 years.
    I have been working on my new furnace for way to long now. As with most it is a bit of a compromise. I would have liked to have built bigger but materials on hand were begging to be a furnace. Mine is a conglomeration of several designs. I have stuck to the golden rule. I use what I have or can scrounge when possible.
    I have made some progress on it as of late in that I have mostly finished the lid lift mechanism and burner slide. It is getting close to time to fire it up for a test run.
  10. OMM

    OMM Silver Banner Member

    Joe..., Love this post and amen! There is many different strengths at many different levels, from the contributors. There is almost zero editing (by moderators because there’s no need) because most here are being gentleman and giving sound advice.

    From a newbie to another newbie, welcome to the forum!
  11. crazybillybob

    crazybillybob Silver Banner Member

    Those sir are fighting words :D
    Welcome aboard folks. Remember the 7:00 show is completely different than the 11 o'clock show.
    We do have a bit of fun here with each other, but we do keep things civil, and help one another out.
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  12. garyhlucas

    garyhlucas Silver

    Hot metal at high noon! What’s not to love?

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