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  1. alessio

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    I am from Italy and I am interesting to build a fornace to melt the alluminium
  2. PatJ

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    Welcome, you have come to the right place.
    Do you know how much metal you want to melt (in weight)?
  3. alessio

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    Hello PatJ, I think at least 2-3 kg. I would like build a electric furnace. But I have no experience. I saw several video on youtube.
    What's the start point to build my furnace?
  4. PatJ

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    The quickest way to start melting is to find a used electric furnace for sale and purchase it.
    The pottery stores sometimes have used units.
    A pottery kiln would work with aluminum.
    Turn off the power before reaching into a kiln to avoid a shock if you contact the heating elements with something metal.

    There are others here that are good with how to build electric kilns, and they can guide you.
    Electric kilns are not my strong point, although I do have one.
    I use it for tempering aluminum, but not melting aluminum.

    They make crucibles in all sizes, and I like the Morgan "Salamader-Super" clay graphite crucibles.
    I don't know this seller, and you should look for the lowest price if you buy online, but you can see the crucibles come in different sizes and are generally available in an "A" shape.
    The numeral refers to the nominal amount of aluminum that the crucible can hold (in pounds), so you many want to buy a crucible that is slightly over the capacity you want to melt.

    3 kg is 6.6 lbs of aluminum, so perhaps an A8 or maybe even an A10.


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