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    This isn't a Model engine, it's the real thing. It ran a Sorghum press back on a farm in Chillicothe, Ohio. I was looking around on flea-bay and saw some old magazines. I happen to remember a Gas Engine Magazine that I took a picture for, I looked some more and found it. Bought it for $5. I'll try to find the original photo for a better look at the engine. This was on newsprint so quality isn't very good.
    I took this in 1976 at a man's house about 20 miles from where I lived. He had about 100 old engines and this was one of his rarest. It's a 1907 Bauroth Bros. made in Springfield Ohio. 4 HP with 5 spoke flywheels. Hit and miss gas engine. Hard to believe this was 42 years ago.
    He passed away and all his engines were sold at auction. I just didn't have any money to buy one. Can't remember how they sold.
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