I love technology, 3d printing ceramic shells.

Discussion in 'Investment casting Ceramic shell method' started by DavidF, May 13, 2020.

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    Now that is cool!! But at $250.00/L I'll wait for the cheap Chinese knock-off.
  3. I had thought that a silica sand based powder bed printer would be possible for the home player but that ceramic investment resin would be a game changer.
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    But the potential is unlimited... dont just think of the price of the resin. Think about small complex cores that might not be able to be produced any other way than an additive manufacturing process... In your own home!!!
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    I couldn't get the guidelines and additional data to download......

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    interesting... So instead of printing the pattern, ya skip that step and print the shell. I looked at the photos on the IMAKR link. Nothing to write home about there.:confused:
    Maybe soon.
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    If you get your hands on some we'll wan't a full report. In a past life, we developed a product that used a ceramic structure with a very complex shape. The ceramic had some very unique properties but the production process was injection molding the ceramic and used modified plastic injection molding equipment and processes. We didn't invent that idea either but adapted it for our materials. Making an injection moldable ceramic feedstock took some doing but in the end, it was essentially 70% (very) fine ceramic powder and the rest paraffin, with some pixy dust for binding and green strength. It then needed to be fired. The feedstock was very abrasive and tool wear was a problem.

    The molded object would shrink approximately the percent by volume of the fillers that made it flowable/moldable and it was very hard to make the shrinkage occur uniformly so the fired ceramic object looked like a piece that was a 70% scale copy of the molded item. We got there but it took an interim step to chemically removed the carrier and then a complex firing regime. It was a hard learned process. I can post a picture of the object if interested.

    There must be carrier added to make it printable. If so it will likely require similar attention for dimensionally accurate molds.

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    $250/L isn't too far out of line, I mean castable resin is $150-200 /L
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    I'm going to hold off on ordering until I see some consumer feedback and see just what its capabilities and limitations are... I suspect many others are doing the same.
    Maybe vegi oil guy will splurge on a bottle and review it ?? How about it guy?? I know you visit here....

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