Intake Manifold CNC Pattern Test Cut

Discussion in 'Lost foam casting' started by Al2O3, Nov 17, 2022.

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    Thanks Kelly. I did not make a lot of 'sauce' so I sort of dipped and sort of brushed and mostly just slopped in on inside an old plastic coffee container . After the first night drying I went back and touched up any places I could see blue foam with a brush.

    I do regret my gating system. It would have been better to have added an 'outtie' to the pattern to take the sprue. Going to wait until I can use the good band saw to split it and then may ask for a favor from the shop to take the ridge off with an end mill cutter. The bore is not critical but point taken that I will need to be careful if I try to drill it. It looks pretty good but I have not checked its diameter. The OD of the part was design to need filing to fit but in practice it fits the making tape roll pretty good as-is. I'll take it but I wonder what I miscalculated...I thought I added a strong 32nd inch (.9mm) and casting shrink at 1.5%.

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