Investment augmented Suspendaslurry casting

Discussion in 'Investment casting Ceramic shell method' started by Ferrisbeu, Oct 3, 2022.

  1. Ferrisbeu

    Ferrisbeu Silver

    Has anyone experimented with using an inital dip in Investmnet prior to dipping in SS? I want to make little intricate things but the SS is nearly impossible to remove entirely. I was thinking that it would make clean up much easier. I cast 12-16 pieces in a single mold at a time. Investment casting that many pieces at a time is not efficient at all.
  2. Mantrid

    Mantrid Silver

    sounds like a good idea. Im having big problems getting shell out of deep detailing even with a sand blaster.
    Let us know how it works if you give it a go
  3. mytwhyt

    mytwhyt Silver

    Thought it might be a good idea, so I clicked his posts and got a surprise.. Check out the second one down.
    If it works, it would make clean up a lot easier.. Maybe dry wall mud would work as well as investment.
  4. Ferrisbeu

    Ferrisbeu Silver

    I tried it using RanCast investment. One cast was a 3" bust of Walt Disney out of PLA. tried one coat of Rancast and then 5 dips of SS. Burned out fine. Did not work. Pitted and just ugly. Just using SS they are beautiful. The other was a 6" US Parks plaque out of wax. I encased it in a 1" deep flat mold then dipped in SS when it was mostly dry. only did 3 dips. Burned out nicely. No cracking. Mold blew out and was a total loss. One using SS was perfect. So I will not be trying that method again :) again. Btw, all Brass castings

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