Lathe for sale!!!

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by Stevan, Oct 14, 2020.

  1. Stevan

    Stevan Copper

  2. Zapins

    Zapins Silver

    Nice accessories for it. I'd love a center rest. I will attempt to build one this weekend with parts I got front the junk yard. Whats that giant thing on the far right behind the tail stock?
  3. ESC

    ESC Silver Banner Member

    Hit and miss engine casting.
  4. rocco

    rocco Silver

    That's what it looks like to me as well. If you look at Myfordboy's youtube channel, you'll see a few similar looking engines.
  5. Stevan

    Stevan Copper

    It is a can crushing machine that I made several years ago. You chuck the shaft in to the lathe chuck and the lathe powers it. Since it is made for this lathe I am letting it go wirth the lathe.
  6. Stevan

    Stevan Copper

    If you look at the photos in the craiglist listing you can see more pictures of it. It is all lost foam castings.

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