Lost wax Rose Production

Discussion in 'Investment casting Ceramic shell method' started by Jason, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Zapins

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    Congrats Jason! How much did your get for them?

    How long did it take to sell one?

    I'd like to sell a few things on test at some point. Maybe a bird or two to fund the hobby.
  2. Jason

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  3. Tobho Mott

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    I added the " rose&ref=sr_gallery-1-4" to the URL above assuming it was separated from the link accidentally, and perhaps it was, however that took me to an Oregon based store selling 'art dolls'.

    Leave that part off though (ie. click the link as-is) and it does go to Jason's store's main page. Just FYI if anyone else is having the same trouble. Thanks for those details BTW and congrats on the sale. Good luck moving the picture frame and the lanterns!

  4. Jason

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    Thanks man.. just click as is. While you're there, buy a rose dammit. :p
  5. Zapins

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    Nice man! Wasn't sure if you got your asking price like you said in the thread up earlier. That's good to know. I'm eagerly watching what you do because I want to sell some sculptures soon as well to fund more tools.

    So how does the limited edition thing work? Can you make a run of 10 then later make another run with a small modification or if you call it set ABC instead of 1, 2, 3? Is there an established etiquette or what?
  6. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    I suppose you could do whatever you wanted. It's your reputation on the line. When I said 10 roses and no more, I meant it. I'm not sure what the artsy fartsy protocol on it is. Fritz told me if the piece is expected to be well received and is a strong seller, reserving a higher number from the start is a good idea. Like the fox, he is planning or willing to do as many as 50. One off pieces should always fetch primo money and the same with small number runs. Like my rose here. Another trick he taught me was as an edition starts to near the end of it's life, raise the price. Naturally, all this comes down to how well the artist is known. I dont think he set the price yet on the fox, initially it was to be around 3-400, but after we both saw it completed, we decided more in the area of 600-700, partly because of his name and skills. The fox is really that nice in person. Video and photos never do this stuff justice. He went on to explain, a lot of this depends if you have a greedy gallery handling the sale. My thought was how cool would it be to own a bronze piece and a VIDEO of it's creation and story to go along with it? Take the rose, My wife called it the rose that never dies right? She's right if ya think about it. Bronze lives FOREVER and I don't see the internet going away anytime soon, so who knows?

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