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Discussion in 'Lost foam casting' started by garyhlucas, Feb 18, 2021.

  1. garyhlucas

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    Finally got around to machining the castings I made for the FIRST Robotics team CNC router. I screwed up not allowing enough for shrinkage but managed to adjust the machining on mating parts to compensate.

    A fair amount of machining and tapping on all the parts and I was pleasantly surprised by having almost no porosity.

    Looking forward to more casting when the weather clears up.
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  2. Al2O3

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    Good to hear Gary. Glad they worked out well. I'm waiting for a break in the weather myself to pour a couple lost foam castings.

    Meanwhile, I heated treated and started machining several lathe pulleys I previously cast. The little lathe is making it's own future power train.

    They only got a T5'ish heat treatment but when tapped with a ruler they went from a dull metallic thud before HT, to ringing like a bell after. I did this in my electric furnace but it can be achieved in a household oven if it doesn't cause divorce. As long as they are heat treatable alloy, it will significantly improve mechanical properties, make a big difference in machinability, and reducing aluminum build up on cutter surfaces.


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