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Discussion in 'General foundry chat' started by Al2O3, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. crazybillybob

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    I live so far out in the backwoods it takes Amazon 3-5 days for a 2 day delivery 60% of the time :rolleyes:

    USPS is Great. Some of the other guys Not so much. some of my UPS stuf looks like it rolled down a hill into a lake before it gets to my shack!
  2. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    Then you haven't been to my offices. These guys are the kings of avoiding eye contact. When the line is out the door, there is one guy working and 5 milling about trying not to be seen. It's worse than my DMV.
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  3. DavidF

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    Mcmaster Carr is so awesome that the parts I was going to order tomorrow showed up today. ;):cool:
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  4. Petee716

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  5. Robert

    Robert Silver Banner Member

    I can't tell from the pic what it is dragging?
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  6. _Jason

    _Jason Silver

    Jason's delicate package he ordered from eBay.
  7. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    I used to fly UPS cargo. You would be abhorred if you saw what I saw on a daily basis. I was amazed at how many times the guys could get a cheesecake to bounce down a conveyor. :eek:
    We would say you cant spell stupid without a U P S..... The best part of the job was, "Boxes don't bitch!"

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  8. Petee716

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    It's actually a monopoly hotel with my company label stuck to it. It symbolizes any parcel shipped via ups. It started as a joke in my shop but I've actually used it as an instructional tool in training people in my shipping department. It underscores the importance of properly preparing product for shipment. Blaming UPS for a spoiled shipment is like blaming a junkyard dog for biting you. Using a double box trumps good intentions.

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  9. Rasper

    Rasper Copper

    Back when I lived in Key West, I went in the Post Office one Saturday to buy some stamps and mail a letter. Of course it was closed. (They are open here on Saturdays.) Both vending machines had "Out of Order" signs on them. Some Dutch tourists were trying to buy stamps. No stamps for tourists in Key West. I went to my bank right across the little park in front of the PO and bought stamps from the ATM. ATM's work; Post Office vending machines don't. I went back a month later and they were still out of order. Go figure.

  10. crazybillybob

    crazybillybob Silver Banner Member

    I worked for UPS in collage for a Hot second unloading semi trucks at a hub..Oh the horrors I saw.:eek:
  11. PatJ

    PatJ Silver Banner Member

    During school, I tried to get a job with the local overnight shipping company.
    I made the mistake of telling them I really wanted to work into a permanent position.
    That was the kiss of death, since they only want permanent part time people.

    It was a good thing I did not get that job.
    There were several guys in my classes who got those jobs, and they were zombies in class, and often slept through the lectures.
    They would work the late shift and try and do school too, which did not work out too well.

    You can only burn a candle on so many ends at the same time before it burns out.

  12. Jammer

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  13. Petee716

    Petee716 Silver Banner Member

    The guy punting the box on the roof was the best.

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