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Discussion in 'Sand Mullers' started by oldironfarmer, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. oldironfarmer

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    When I set up my foundry I didn't know anything but was reading some. I thought I had seen a sand heap in a box under a molding bench so that's what I built. I made it waterproof with a lid with a seal and my sand stays moist for a long time. Before I got the muller I was mulling by turning the sand several times with a shovel. That worked good. With the muller I find it slow to load (so I made an extended funnel) but the sand dumped under the muller and had to be scraped out of the muller bin. I added a couple of brackets to the muller tub and removed the bin.


    Made a bracket to hold the muller

    The muller clears the storage shelf by a little. This is it's stowed position.

    It's out of the way while using the molding bench

    It can be swung around to load so any spillage goes into the heap storage

    And swung on around to dump the mulled sand directly into the heap.

    My heap storage and bench design is different but I can tell it's going to work for me.

    Next I think I need to make a metal tray to deflask the sand into so it's ready to load into the muller. Been thinking about making an aerator but I think I can use the muller effectively. It does create nice fluffy sand.
  2. oldironfarmer

    oldironfarmer Silver Banner Member

    I still haven't had a good way to handle sand fresh out of the flask so I made a pan to set in my sand storage. I think I can break out into the pan then slide it to the muller to load.

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  3. DavidF

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    I hope to get my shop together so well some day... looking good!! :D
  4. PatJ

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    I like that arrangement a lot.
    Looks pretty well thought out.

  5. Petee716

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    You may have shown your method before, but how did you go about bending the metal for the tray?

  6. oldironfarmer

    oldironfarmer Silver Banner Member

    I cheat, I've got a finger brake.


  7. oldironfarmer

    oldironfarmer Silver Banner Member

    Thanks, guys. I'm blessed in that I've got plenty of room to work with (although I keep it stuffed full). I'm too old to work on my knees like I see a lot of guys do. I feel like the shop is a total mess so I really appreciate the kind words.

    I must say I like the muller arrangement a lot. It only holds 25# of sand, and I think I'm putting less than that in it, but it's quick and I'm using a lot dryer sand with it. What I've not heard people say about green sand is I think it should look loose like dry sand until you compact it. The muller is quick to just break up clods and mix moisture, probably no more than a minute so by the time I have it loaded it's time to check for moisture, then if a little is added it's ready to dump. I can do three loads in ten minutes easily. Dumping right onto the heap is working very well.
  8. Al2O3

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    That's a good set up OIF.


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