New Patina For Sculpture

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  1. FishbonzWV

    FishbonzWV Copper Banner Member

    Our city recently commissioned a rehab of a 1926 sculpture of Henry Gassaway Davis.
    It had the typical green verdigris color and they just finished the rehab last week.
  2. Zapins

    Zapins Silver

    Hmm. It might have been nice with 2 tones, one for the guy one for the horse. The color is still nice though!

    Ferric chloride or nitrate?
  3. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    I wonder how much $$$ they got screwed for that job???
    I would have left it green. The color is good, but what a BORING ass patina job.

    This statue might be safe as he was a democrat. Then again, rich old white man could get pulled down in today's climate.:rolleyes:
  4. FishbonzWV

    FishbonzWV Copper Banner Member

    I don't know what they used.
    I saw on the news it was finished so I checked it out. If I had known it was happening I would have talked to them.
    That was green in the 60's and I know it's been moved at least three times in my lifetime. No more than 100 feet each time.
    So, how long before it turns green again?

    Jason, We're one of the states that had brother against brother on the fighting lines, and no plantations. Kinda safe here.
    I just found out one of my grandfathers joined the Union Army, got captured by the Reb's, petitioned to join them, which was granted.
    The Yank's dunned him $275 for his equipment he lost. The horse being the most cost. Hah
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  5. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    All outside bronze turns green in time. If it doesnt get maintained a couple times a year, it happens faster. I need to take some photos of the trash installed in my town. I swear they PAINT it black. Yuk
    I bet the original verdigris was beautiful and that took decades to create the look. Now that thing might as well be made of resin.:rolleyes:

    Imagine Germany destroying the Brandenburg gate by turning this pooh poo brown?
    Screenshot_20190502-184411_Samsung Internet.jpg
  6. Rasper

    Rasper Copper

    The one talent necessary to be a politician is the ability to tell a lie and convince the public it's the truth. They know less about art than I know about what's on the surface of Pluto.

  7. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    Ice and rock....
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  8. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    Richard, do you agree 100yr old green should be left alone?
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