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Discussion in 'New member introductions' started by rightbug, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. rightbug

    rightbug Copper

    Hey folks. 'New to the forums so I thought I'd pop in and introduce myself.

    I'm Cliff and I live in New Hampshire. I'm a bit of a generalist as a maker, always looking to learn new material and techniques. I started as a wood worker making furniture and finger jointed boxes for friends and family but lately I've been working with metal making knives and, after restoring several perfect handle screw drivers, a screw driver of my own. After restoring several hammers I decided I needed to make my own from brass which is what's led me to casting.

    I like to jump into the deep end, setting myself a goal and then immersing myself in research to learn new techniques. Casting is a little bit daunting so I've been really excited to dive into the forums here and learn from all of your experience. You guys are a wealth of knowledge and it looks like a great community.

    For my first project I've posted a thread over in the pattern making forum, sharing what I've learned so far playing around with EPS beads in a silicone mold. I will definitely be seeking advice on orientation and placement of sprues vents and risers as I get closer to my first pour!
  2. joe yard

    joe yard Silver

    Welcome to the forum! That said.
    We regret to inform you that, casting is more addictive than cigaret and /or heroin. Most on the form are very knowledgeable and are very fast to assist you with any questions.
    All are welcome and I must admit I am a bit taken back with your first post of the expanding Styrofoam beads. This looks to me to show a real potential for the casting hobbyist.
    Again thanks for the post and welcome aboard!
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  3. Al2O3

    Al2O3 Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    Welcome Cliff. You'll have to tell us a little more about your furnace and foundry equipment when you get the chance.

  4. Jason

    Jason Gold Banner Member

    But DAMN it was hard to quit smoking! Welcome Cliff, you found the right place. Good guys around here. Let's see your furnace! We live for pictures around here.
  5. PatJ

    PatJ Silver Banner Member

    The foam bead stuff looks like an interesting technique, and seems to create an accurate foam pattern.

  6. Peedee

    Peedee Silver

    The beads have been discussion on a lot of occasions, here and on AA, be good to watch someone actually doing it. Welcome
  7. rightbug

    rightbug Copper

    Oh, you guys do not want to see a picture of my furnace. As my research continued I learned, too late, that real casters *hate* the Devil's Forge furnaces from Latvia. Mea culpa. I've coated the kayo-wool with refractory cement. We'll see how it turns out.

    Fortunately(?) the addiction seems to have already gripped me so this is an error I can rectify as I move forward. Then I can feel less shame.
  8. Jason

    Jason Gold Banner Member

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  9. Petee716

    Petee716 Silver Banner Member

    Welcome rightbug. As you've seen we've got a pretty responsive group here. It's a great advantage to me as a hobbyist that I don't have to go down every rabbit hole. There's no way one person could do it all. Every one here seems to go down their own and then they do us all the service of reporting their successes and challenges. There is a wealth of those experiences both here and at Alloy Avenue that covers almost every imaginable topic and technique. Once in awhile there is something new or a breakthrough in something old, and someone with enough motivation will go down that hole, catch the rabbit, and throttle it. The experience, intelligence and tenacity of some of these folks is astounding to me. You'll like it here.


    PS There's nothing wrong with your DF!
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  10. rightbug

    rightbug Copper

    You have done the world a great service!
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  11. Jason

    Jason Gold Banner Member

    Well, at a minimum, Jeff (tobho mott) and myself protected a bunch of unsuspecting victims.

    I came across a kid on YT last night f'ing with aluminum WEARING SHORTS and soft shoes! A little further digging and he turned out to be 14! What parent in their right mind allows a 14yr old to do this stuff? Propane, molten metal, devil forge on the family concrete patio.... What could possibly go wrong? Told me his dad makes him wear a mask. :rolleyes:
    Casting metal is a great hobby, one of our guys here does it with his grandson. That's a great setup! With age comes wisdom at the expense of declining energy.
    This is the downside to youtube. They go from watching to doing without stopping to think if they should in the first place.... Monkey see, Monkey do!
  12. Tobho Mott

    Tobho Mott Silver Banner Member

    Welcome rightbug, saw your styrofoam mold thread and I am loving it!

    My newest homemade furnace is built very similar to a devil forge ceramic fiber lined furnace (although my burner works differently). That setup works great.


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