peristaltic Fuel pump

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    Very cool. I use peristaltic pumps a lot for my aquariums. Very useful equipment.

    What hose size do you have? How many mL or gallons per hr did you have it dialed in for? Is it rated for continual use?

    Very good idea, I never thought of using one for waste oil. It would solve so many issues compared with pressurizing oil. I'm very tempted.
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    I know absolutely nothing about it, it was the exact one W3 was running, and he had an Oil burner, that he could hold temps for hours with. when I saw it on ebay I purchased it, then promptly gave up on oil... I can't get it free, and there are so Many variables, Propane is much simpler.

    the Bottom Picture has all kinds of Goodies. It runs quite slow, which feeding a burner makes sense a few gallons an hour tops

    V/r HT1
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    I'm not smart enough to hook it up.:(

    Buy it Zap! It's built in England.
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    PM sent

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