Petrobond sand cost

Discussion in 'Sand Casting' started by smithdoor, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. smithdoor

    smithdoor Copper

    Where is best price for Petrobond sand.

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  2. Petee716

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  3. HT1

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    the exact same sand as Petee716 recommended, better deal for you and the seller, he may still have a 10% off coupon on Alloyavenues. it's what I have been usinf since w2 stopped selling, so 5 + years

    V/r HT1
  4. smithdoor

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  5. HT1

    HT1 Silver Banner Member 105 Lbs for $155, is a steal, I have a thousand pounds, and yes the Post man is not happy when he brings you 16 large flat rate boxes that all weigh 70Lbs

    V/r HT1
  6. smithdoor

    smithdoor Copper

    Thank you
    My Postman needs the workout
    Back in 1980's it cost me around for shipping $500.00 and that was low cost back haul


  7. crazybillybob

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    The 10% off worked still last winter when I ordered 105Lbs.
  8. smithdoor

    smithdoor Copper

    Back 1975 the binder cost $0.85 per pound
    Need 3 pounds of binder to 100 pounds of sand or cost for ever 100 pounds $2.55 today that would be $11.91
    FYI Price list from 1975
    A 12 x 18 flask cost $175.00 today that would be $817.00



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